The 50 Best Android Apps PART-2

In April 2013 could be found on Google Play Store 850,000 apps for Android. Do not waste time looking for what you need. We present the top 50 apps, many of them are free and paid subscriptions, really worthwhile. Constantly update this list!


The 50 Best Android Apps

If your family or friends have problems with your computer, you can help via TeamViewer quickly, securely and free. To access data or programs anywhere and control your PC or Mac remotely easily.



Protection software blocks hacker attacks. Turn off the mobile networks for apps in difficult situations. With the antivirus can find problems in apps and memory card. If your phone is stolen, look for the “theft” function to lock, wipe or locate your phone. For a free application, quantity and versatility of functions is quite broad. Avast application keeps up with regular updates.

# 20 SKYPE

The 50 Best Android Apps

Free calls via Skype, even other phones, are not new. But with the version 2.x, we have more possibilities. Now you can make video calls over Skype between Android phone and other Skype contacts on iPhone, Mac, Windows PCs and even TVs (eg Samsung C7700 and C8790). The app was not valid in many devices, but that has changed.

# 21 GOOGLE+

The 50 Best Android Apps

Looking for alternatives to Facebook? In Google+ you can share news, links, photos and videos with friends and acquaintances. In addition, they can chat with up to nine people at once to video.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Facebook has about one billion users worldwide (January 2013). To get an idea, think that about 315 million people living in USA. Write short messages, send photos or videos around the world through your mobile with Android.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Navigate between photos, videos or websites that interest you. This service, which was owned by eBay in 2007, now has over 20 million registered users. After you enter your interests, the search shows you the contents have liked to other users with the same preferences. An evaluation module helps adjust the search results to your preferences. In addition to apps, there are add-ons for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera Stumble Upon.


The 50 Best Android Apps

WeatherPro provides detailed weather information and forecasts easy to understand for most places on the planet. The app contains a rain radar, video from meteorological satellites and full graphics.


The 50 Best Android Apps

With DroidStats controlled’ll call minutes, SMS and data from your Android device. The application, free, recorded consumption, estimated monthly traffic expected and, if you like, notifies you when overstep the predetermined limit. With the purchase of the premium app will free more functions.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The Rockplayer plays video files of almost all formats and codecs. The operation of the player reacts to gestures on the touch screen. The free version has ads.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Monday morning, it wakes you up early and you sharp sound of the clock, is there anything worse? Not that AlarmDroid going to make it fun but you get up early at least wake you with your favorite music. If you want to sleep, you just have to flip the phone and stay in sleep mode. We also provide weather information.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The internal memory of many Android phones are quickly filled. AppMgr III (App 2 SD) shows you a smooth all the apps that can be moved to the SD card. The user only has to give its approval.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Astrid is a complete task manager. Sync your to do lists with Google and Task, has features reminders, lets you create shopping lists, task, and event planning.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Evernote is a block of virtual notes. There you can gather information that does not want him to forget. If surfing the internet you come across something interesting, copy the passage and put it in Evernote. No single text, also images, videos and tables.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The Android interface for video platform YouTube not only allows watching videos on mobile phones, provides an opportunity to share your own movies with millions of people. You can also create and manage playlists with your favorite videos.

# 32 IMDB

The 50 Best Android Apps 32

How are the actors in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” called? How many films participated Greta Garbo? With IMDb you will find answers to these questions quickly. “Internet Movie Database” knows everything, as far as movies and series are concerned. In addition to information about movies, actors and directors, you will see trailers, photos and statistics on cinema. By the way, Greta starred in 32 films and actors of the movie are Clint Eastwood Westerns (the good), Eli Wallach (the ugly) and Lee Van Cleef (the bad).


The 50 Best Android Apps

Put the bottom of your screen in motion. With the app Floating Image you can easily create a steady stream of photos stored on your mobile, Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Sooner or later you will stumble upon apps that have been developed with Adobe Air. To work, install this app on your smartphone or tablet.

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