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Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

With the advent of 8 to all iOS iPhone and iPad, it appears one of the most awaited feature by users: third-party keyboards. These extensions attach to QuickType keyboard, which has also been improved. Then you have to install the best keyboards on iOS in August.

SwiftKey is one of the keyboards most downloaded Android and now, thanks to the new iOS lets you work with third-party applications, the keyboard is now available for iPhone and iPad.

The keyboard shares the top of best keyboards for iOS installed on August Quicktype beside the keyboard itself presents the new firmware.

Continuously connected to the Internet, the keyboard is capable of generating suggestions for writing and learn our way of writing, making it much faster text generation. These suggestions and improvements are saved in the cloud to be synchronized with other terminals.

How could it be otherwise used includes the possibility of sliding your finger to write, although I personally do not like this form of writing too.

Applying for iOS Swiftkey 8 has been downloaded more than a million users and is in the “Top 3” most downloaded apps in the App Store.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


The new iOS Fleksy wins the second place in l best keyboards you iPhone or iPad to install iOS 8 P ou used on any Apple mobile device support, offering users a “superb writing speed” intelligent predictions, self-correction and support for over 40 languages.

The application also has some practical tips , such as support for color themes, a range of emoji characters, gestures support (enabling users to quickly delete a word with a single slide, for example) and even allows users resize the keyboard to increase the area of the screen that displays the contents while in use Fleksy.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Another new keyboards for iOS in August that just landed in the App Store is renewed Swype, whose operation is also based on gestures.

It is a downloadable iPhone and iPad keyboard that, like Swiftkey and many others, lets you drag your finger across the screen to collect points that shape the texts.

Perhaps one of the advantages of this application against other applications that populate our list of best keyboards for installation on iOS in August , is the ease of use and adaptation featuring Swype.

Includes 5 different themes and the ability to add punctuation by using simple gestures.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


There are three main virtues presented Minuum to establish itself as the best keyboard for iOS 8 : writing faster, more visible screen while the keyboard use and better control of the self-correcting system.

Defined himself as “the small keyboard for big fingers” Minuum can customize your iPhone or iPad keyboard in different ways.

Simply slide your finger up or down to switch between full keyboard and mini keyboard. FULL keyboard lets you type with great speed to the application itself is learning what is written.

The MINI keyboard is a reduced version of the previous mode that lets you see more content on the screen, placing the keys on the bottom of the screen for added space.

Both configurations allow you to use the keyboard iOS eight more easily.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Popkey is a keyboard for iOS eight different to previous something. Where others propose fast writing, learning and different themes for iPhone and iPad, this app includes a novelty not seen before on Apple devices: the gifs.

The application works similar to the famous emojis keyboard, providing different animated gifs from a wide selection, with which to make your chats more fun.

In addition to its own catalog, Popkey offers the possibility for users to upload their own gifs and real-time updates on current issues.

Double clicking on a gif, it will be stored in the system and proceed to the favorites section of the application in order to improve the experience of using the keyboard.

At the moment it is not available for download, but it will come in few days.


The 5 Best iPhone and iPad games of the week

In the App Store there are plenty of iOS games. These are the best games for iPhone and iPad that have occurred this week: The Red Bull Air Race Game, chronolgy: Time Changes Everything, The Sleeping Prince, Spider-Man Unlimited and Evoker.


red bull air race game

Become an air ace game  The Red Bull Air Race Game.

Experience the excitement on your device to one of the fastest motorsport, the Red Bull Air Race. You will have to compete on international stage race with a blistering pace.Flip the world and flies in the best tracks from Abhu Dhabi to Las Vegas, to Ascot.

Challenge Red Bull stars as Matt Hall Hannes Arch or height in a fight. Progresses from novice to expert along the more than 200 races, events and duels that make up this exciting game. You will have the opportunity to compete in weekly tournaments and earn points and rewards.

Decide if you prefer to handle touch or tilt controls. You will have to accelerate and turn to climb to the top of the podium Air Race. Enjoy a relentless career with one of the five best games for iOS week.

Download game



Chronology: Times Changes Everything is an adventure platform game that is played by an inventor who has witnessed the end of the world. He wakes up groggy in the middle of nowhere without getting remember.

You’ll have to manage past and future fix for this. Take on the Old Inventor, accompanied by his friend the snail, and leverages his skills to travel through time, stop or manipulate objects and solve all the puzzles.

The game is free, but you can buy upgrades from within the app. Master time with one of the five best iPhone and iPad games of the week.

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In the Sleeping Prince will have to help the protagonist to save the inhabitants of Cloudreach, who are under the influence of a spell prince. You should only consider a “small” detail. Our heroes are asleep ..!

You’ll have to use your finger to launch, promote and Prince Risky shed through the game to get save the kingdom and the princess of his dreams. Collect items, attack enemies, avoid traps and solve puzzles. If you log in to Facebook, you can see your position in the standings.

In this mission against the evil Sydney Slimes, artifice wicked spell, you will not be alone as you will have the able assistance of magician Plushkin you can lean on the powers of the King and Queen. Exceeds 40 levels that make up the game. Find Z coins, gems and stars to unlock levels. The game is free, but you can get improvements from within the application itself.

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Spider Man Unlimited

If you’re a fan of one of the most famous heroes of Marvel, Spider-Man Unlimited you’ll love. Another great iPhone and iPad games this week.

Discover this new adventure episodes in which you have to create your own army of Spider-Men to get stop the Sinister Six to be moving from dimension to dimension, leaving them shredded.

This is the first runner of Spider Man.’ll Have to swing, run, and of course, climb the walls at various venues in Manhattan. Defeat evil and plays with boss battles and 25 missions per set. Enjoy daily and weekly events and get all the rewards. The game is free, but you can buy upgrades from within the application itself.

Will you manage to stop the Sinister Six before they get to our dimension? Get the best Spider-Men missions and send them through the heart of the city of New York.

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With Evoker-A Magic Fantasy Game you enter a world of magic and fantasy.

To get beat the evil Lord Morden, you have to invoke magic Scriptures, exercise your skills, collect letters and form a unique group of heroes. Test yourself against thousands of players playing and develop the best strategy to win.

Exceeds hundreds of quests, fighting bosses, gets the most magical creatures and ends in multiplayer battles. Choose carefully your creatures and spells and lift you get a winner.

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