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The best free online storage services in the cloud

The available of our files anywhere, at any time and from multiple devices, being only necessary to have an Internet connection. This is what they propose the best free services cloud storage, which have become so popular in recent times.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Speaking of online virtual disks is talking about Dropbox, and is in its own right one of the best free services cloud storage that can be found.

It is certainly the best known, and excellent support, functionality and ease of use justify its popularity.

In its free form part with 2 GB of online storage, which can reach 16 gigs easily become thanks to the recommendations (we achieve each new user who registers on our part, we will receive an additional 500 MB).

We can access Dropbox through their web page and upload and download files from this interface, but it is best to install the appropriate application for the synchronization of the parent folder is automatic. There are versions for PC (Windows, OS X and Linux ) and mobile devices ( Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire ).

Meanwhile, the Pro version allows to hire 100, 200 or 500 Gbytes per month based on a price of $ 10, and even a Dropbox specifically tailored to businesses (with plans ranging from 1 TB to five users ).


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Google also did not want to miss the opportunity to have your own online storage platform since mid 2012 launched Google Drive.

Its peculiarity is that it was born on the basis of the Google Docs office suite, so it is one of the best free services cloud storage to include in one place as much storage as document editing .

Of course, if we are users of other Google services, we also will benefit from a complete integration (eg, downloading attachments from Gmail directly from Google Drive), with a familiar interface that just cost us to use, and its free version offers 15 Gbytes of space.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

If we look for one of the best free storage services in the cloud, you can not miss the alternative of Microsoft , SkyDrive.

There are two major asset: it integrates seamlessly with Windows 8 and features Office Web Apps within the same service, so that we can work with all kinds of Office files directly in a web browser.

To use SkyDrive, we can associate our own email address without having to Outlook.com it (since it is also compatible with Yahoo! or Gmail, for example), and if we start session from a computer running Microsoft operating system simply using the same user account. It comes with 7 GB of free space.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

The best free online storage services in the cloud 4

Mega is the latest proposal for Kim Dotcom , the celebrated creator of Megaupload , which the FBI after seeing his previous project closed for piracy dedicio give a twist to the original concept.

Upon checking will get 50 GB of free storage, and files you want to share from the virtual drive will be accompanied by a personal password to try to avoid problems with copyright. With it, generated with each exchange and encryption to increase security, solely responsible for content sharing is the user, not the hosting service.

Its operation is based on the full HTML5, which upon entering the Web version will work almost the same way as would a specific application.

Also available payment options, which for 10 euros per month gives us a lot more space (500 GB), and 30 euros even get to have four TBytes.

If we wish, we can install the app on your smartphone, in the web browser or use an automated tool to synchronize folders on our computers.

# 5 BOX

The best free online storage services in the cloud

Box is another competitors enter the fray when the best free storage services in the cloud it is.

Although popularity is behind Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, not detract at all and offers 10 GB of free storage to register.

This service also integrates Box Notes , to create documents, take notes and share ideas in real time.

In addition, for only 4 euros per month allows you to have 100 Gbytes, making it one of the best deals of this type in terms of quantity / price is concerned.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Cubby known for offering some extra features that come to offer a slightly different from the predominant Dropbox online storage.

Party with 5 Gbytes of free space, and he can share not only the default folder, but we indicate either from a computer (which in this case is called creating a “Cubby”). The timing in this case is carried out by P2P, and does not account for the 5 free GB (can sync a folder between two machines several gigabytes and share it with third parties unless we give you access).

This is done after installing the software, and with a simple click will convert a folder on a Cubby.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Bitcasa offers up to 20 Gbytes free private storage, with which synchronize at a time up to three devices in the cloud.

One of its advantages is that it allows automatic backups of all of them and can access content from anywhere.

All data is encrypted before leaving your computer, to enhance privacy, and instead of simply synchronize, functions more as an external disk online .


The best free online storage services in the cloud

We finished our list of the best free services cloud storage with Copy, noted for its ability to share large files or entire folders without size restriction.

Thus, it allows a folder from 20 Gbytes four users different, which consume just 5 Gbytes each in this case.

In its free version comes with 15 GB of space, and has enabled applications Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Raspberri Pi .

The top 5 free photo viewer

The photo viewer built into Windows is convenient, because it comes with the system. But its functionality is really limited. To efficiently deal with your thousands of photos, you need a powerful application with functions of organization, retouching and printing, such as those we present.


The top 5 free photo viewer

Faststone Viewer is a simple, rapid implementation and has no problems even if you open folders with several thousand photos. It offers basic retouching functions and supports image rotation, thumbnail sheet creation and batch conversion. There as a portable version here, which is great because you can put it on a flash drive along with your pictures and you will always have a viewer by hand, on any computer.

NO. 2 XNVIEW 2.0

The top 5 free photo viewer

XnView supports more than 500 different formats of graphic formats and is capable of converting almost all other different. It has speed-organization, fully customizable view thumbnails and EXIF or IPTC an editor for your digital photos. Exists for many platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) and has half a dozen satellite mobile apps that let you add effects to your photos on your iPhone or Android, escalate, or envejecerlas, etc. Download it from here.


The top 5 free photo viewer

This is one of the viewers lighter and faster photos 5. addition to its own display functions, IrfanView allows drawing on images, save presentations in EXE format your photos, send them by e-mail, trim, etc. Supports batch processing and supports plugins, so you can greatly extend its functionality. Comes as a single EXE file, so that also is portable. You can download it from their website.

NO. 4 PICASA 3.9

The top 5 free photo viewer

This viewer is much more than that. Picasa offers advanced management features photos, lets show them on a map, label them, group them, create cards and other stationery. It has facial recognition of individuals from a photo and gives you access to online photo storage service from Google. It has a great interface and direct connection to Google+. Operating speed in some cases left to be desired, but with the amount of features offered is the least that could be expected. Download it from Google.


ComicsViewer is a viewer of something special images. Although you can use it perfectly for any type of photo and, in fact, is very efficient and fast (because it is a very simple program), actually this application is specialized to display scanned pages (comics, for example). It has a special display in portrait mode. Another interesting detail is that it allows direct visualization of images that are compressed in a ZIP or RAR file. You can download the portable version directly from here.