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The best free online storage services in the cloud

The available of our files anywhere, at any time and from multiple devices, being only necessary to have an Internet connection. This is what they propose the best free services cloud storage, which have become so popular in recent times.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Speaking of online virtual disks is talking about Dropbox, and is in its own right one of the best free services cloud storage that can be found.

It is certainly the best known, and excellent support, functionality and ease of use justify its popularity.

In its free form part with 2 GB of online storage, which can reach 16 gigs easily become thanks to the recommendations (we achieve each new user who registers on our part, we will receive an additional 500 MB).

We can access Dropbox through their web page and upload and download files from this interface, but it is best to install the appropriate application for the synchronization of the parent folder is automatic. There are versions for PC (Windows, OS X and Linux ) and mobile devices ( Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire ).

Meanwhile, the Pro version allows to hire 100, 200 or 500 Gbytes per month based on a price of $ 10, and even a Dropbox specifically tailored to businesses (with plans ranging from 1 TB to five users ).


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Google also did not want to miss the opportunity to have your own online storage platform since mid 2012 launched Google Drive.

Its peculiarity is that it was born on the basis of the Google Docs office suite, so it is one of the best free services cloud storage to include in one place as much storage as document editing .

Of course, if we are users of other Google services, we also will benefit from a complete integration (eg, downloading attachments from Gmail directly from Google Drive), with a familiar interface that just cost us to use, and its free version offers 15 Gbytes of space.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

If we look for one of the best free storage services in the cloud, you can not miss the alternative of Microsoft , SkyDrive.

There are two major asset: it integrates seamlessly with Windows 8 and features Office Web Apps within the same service, so that we can work with all kinds of Office files directly in a web browser.

To use SkyDrive, we can associate our own email address without having to Outlook.com it (since it is also compatible with Yahoo! or Gmail, for example), and if we start session from a computer running Microsoft operating system simply using the same user account. It comes with 7 GB of free space.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

The best free online storage services in the cloud 4

Mega is the latest proposal for Kim Dotcom , the celebrated creator of Megaupload , which the FBI after seeing his previous project closed for piracy dedicio give a twist to the original concept.

Upon checking will get 50 GB of free storage, and files you want to share from the virtual drive will be accompanied by a personal password to try to avoid problems with copyright. With it, generated with each exchange and encryption to increase security, solely responsible for content sharing is the user, not the hosting service.

Its operation is based on the full HTML5, which upon entering the Web version will work almost the same way as would a specific application.

Also available payment options, which for 10 euros per month gives us a lot more space (500 GB), and 30 euros even get to have four TBytes.

If we wish, we can install the app on your smartphone, in the web browser or use an automated tool to synchronize folders on our computers.

# 5 BOX

The best free online storage services in the cloud

Box is another competitors enter the fray when the best free storage services in the cloud it is.

Although popularity is behind Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, not detract at all and offers 10 GB of free storage to register.

This service also integrates Box Notes , to create documents, take notes and share ideas in real time.

In addition, for only 4 euros per month allows you to have 100 Gbytes, making it one of the best deals of this type in terms of quantity / price is concerned.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Cubby known for offering some extra features that come to offer a slightly different from the predominant Dropbox online storage.

Party with 5 Gbytes of free space, and he can share not only the default folder, but we indicate either from a computer (which in this case is called creating a “Cubby”). The timing in this case is carried out by P2P, and does not account for the 5 free GB (can sync a folder between two machines several gigabytes and share it with third parties unless we give you access).

This is done after installing the software, and with a simple click will convert a folder on a Cubby.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Bitcasa offers up to 20 Gbytes free private storage, with which synchronize at a time up to three devices in the cloud.

One of its advantages is that it allows automatic backups of all of them and can access content from anywhere.

All data is encrypted before leaving your computer, to enhance privacy, and instead of simply synchronize, functions more as an external disk online .


The best free online storage services in the cloud

We finished our list of the best free services cloud storage with Copy, noted for its ability to share large files or entire folders without size restriction.

Thus, it allows a folder from 20 Gbytes four users different, which consume just 5 Gbytes each in this case.

In its free version comes with 15 GB of space, and has enabled applications Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Raspberri Pi .

The best apps to save battery and extend Android

The best apps to save battery and extend Android

Your phone is capable of doing amazing things, but is unable to get to the battery end of the day. Check and increase the battery life of your Android has become a vital necessity. That’s why we have prepared this list of the best Android battery optimizers.

JuiceDefender is one of the best applications to enhance and extend the battery of your phone or tablet.

With the app JuiceDefender, you will be able to get double the battery life of your Android . All this with just a couple of clicks on the screen of your smartphone.

For example, it offers the possibility to program your smartphone connections to the Internet at intervals. With this app you can easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speed, you can keep power consumption under control for themselves extend the battery life of your device. Also remember that the fewer loads, more battery life, because with each charge, the battery deteriorates.

JuiceDefender is a very intuitive and simple to use application with several preinstalled profiles, but if you want to know more detail, here’s a step by step how to configure it properly.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


Greenify is another Android battery applications for today’s hottest. Not surprisingly, its optimization is very comprehensive and is presented as the best alternative for those who have their mobile phone or tablet Android full of apps.

This app is simple to use, allows you to “hibernate” other apps when not in use, stopping their data consumption and battery.

In this short tutorial on how to configure Greenify you’ll see how to configure it, and knock down those pesky apps to ensure that our device is still fully operational until late at night.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


Battery Defender is a comprehensive application to save battery on your Android smartphone.

Automatically detects the items that are not in use and off to save battery. Also, you can turn off applications at certain times of day, to sleep quiet and nobody bothers you. It also shows the percentage of battery that detracts from your Android smartphone in the popular Android notification bar.

It also permits to create a white list of applications or processes that cannot be closed.

And those are just some of the profits of the Swiss Army knife of Android battery optimizers.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


With 2x Battery Battery Saver you can control and increase the battery life easily, automate the ignition applications or mobile data connections or internet, thus optimizing the use of energy from your smartphone , while maintaining synchronization with your social networks, email, etc.

This app to increase your smartphone’s battery works by cutting the data connection whenever the screen of your smartphone is turned off, but makes regular connections to update the possible incoming notifications like emails, social networks, etc.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


One Touch Battery Saver is your Android smartphone or tablet, which the ring of the parachute paratrooper. You can save the disaster.

A simple tap on One Touch Battery Saver and automatically begin to close unnecessary processes, disable WiFi, Bluethooth, GPS, backlight, ringtones, vibration and timings, etc …

In short, the phone goes into “panic” mode and saves battery or yes. As the battery saving less delicate, arguably the Chuck Norris of battery optimizers for Android.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


If none of the above applications has convinced you, we suggest another very interesting alternative to increase the battery life of your Android phone or tablet, this is HD Battery.

This application works as a widget with information about the battery status of your device with information remaining time loading and unloading, and consumption of certain applications: music playback, web browsing, time of calls, video playback.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


Easy Battery Saver is one of the best rated apps for Android users to save battery on your smartphone.

In this app to increase the battery life of your mobile phone efficiency in resource management and ease of use of its interface binding.

The main display shows the percentage of remaining battery and so is running. It also tells the time battery life if we use talking, browsing, listening to music or playing video.

It has several sections so you can configure it in the best way, tutorials, consumer information, intelligently, etc

Another decent app to belong to this select group of Android battery optimizers.

Easy Battery Saver
If you liked these applications, perhaps you may be interested in our list of the best apps for Android.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

With the advent of 8 to all iOS iPhone and iPad, it appears one of the most awaited feature by users: third-party keyboards. These extensions attach to QuickType keyboard, which has also been improved. Then you have to install the best keyboards on iOS in August.

SwiftKey is one of the keyboards most downloaded Android and now, thanks to the new iOS lets you work with third-party applications, the keyboard is now available for iPhone and iPad.

The keyboard shares the top of best keyboards for iOS installed on August Quicktype beside the keyboard itself presents the new firmware.

Continuously connected to the Internet, the keyboard is capable of generating suggestions for writing and learn our way of writing, making it much faster text generation. These suggestions and improvements are saved in the cloud to be synchronized with other terminals.

How could it be otherwise used includes the possibility of sliding your finger to write, although I personally do not like this form of writing too.

Applying for iOS Swiftkey 8 has been downloaded more than a million users and is in the “Top 3” most downloaded apps in the App Store.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


The new iOS Fleksy wins the second place in l best keyboards you iPhone or iPad to install iOS 8 P ou used on any Apple mobile device support, offering users a “superb writing speed” intelligent predictions, self-correction and support for over 40 languages.

The application also has some practical tips , such as support for color themes, a range of emoji characters, gestures support (enabling users to quickly delete a word with a single slide, for example) and even allows users resize the keyboard to increase the area of the screen that displays the contents while in use Fleksy.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Another new keyboards for iOS in August that just landed in the App Store is renewed Swype, whose operation is also based on gestures.

It is a downloadable iPhone and iPad keyboard that, like Swiftkey and many others, lets you drag your finger across the screen to collect points that shape the texts.

Perhaps one of the advantages of this application against other applications that populate our list of best keyboards for installation on iOS in August , is the ease of use and adaptation featuring Swype.

Includes 5 different themes and the ability to add punctuation by using simple gestures.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


There are three main virtues presented Minuum to establish itself as the best keyboard for iOS 8 : writing faster, more visible screen while the keyboard use and better control of the self-correcting system.

Defined himself as “the small keyboard for big fingers” Minuum can customize your iPhone or iPad keyboard in different ways.

Simply slide your finger up or down to switch between full keyboard and mini keyboard. FULL keyboard lets you type with great speed to the application itself is learning what is written.

The MINI keyboard is a reduced version of the previous mode that lets you see more content on the screen, placing the keys on the bottom of the screen for added space.

Both configurations allow you to use the keyboard iOS eight more easily.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Popkey is a keyboard for iOS eight different to previous something. Where others propose fast writing, learning and different themes for iPhone and iPad, this app includes a novelty not seen before on Apple devices: the gifs.

The application works similar to the famous emojis keyboard, providing different animated gifs from a wide selection, with which to make your chats more fun.

In addition to its own catalog, Popkey offers the possibility for users to upload their own gifs and real-time updates on current issues.

Double clicking on a gif, it will be stored in the system and proceed to the favorites section of the application in order to improve the experience of using the keyboard.

At the moment it is not available for download, but it will come in few days.