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Top 5 apps to tune your car

Have a car, and want to get more involved in their maintenance? Do you think that your workshop you are kidding? Do not you know when you are going to make revisions, or what? We bring you a little help, the best apps to help you take care of your car and save some money.

No. 1 Euromaster

Top 5 apps to tune your car

The app Euromaster is designed to help any type of user, or have an idea about how a car is kept. If you’re not sure what kind of maintenance you need, or what fails, you can easily find it on E uromaster.

One of the best utilities is the revisions, perimitira you choose the date of your next review Based on mix drawing dates wear, pressure, brakes, oil and filters … These dates are merged into a single alarm that will sound a week before the day of the review.

The app also includes promotions and in workshops near you, contact them and, most important for novice drivers, an option to locate the parked car, and GPS will guide you to it if you can not find it then.

No. 2 Acar

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Acar is the most complete app to have perfect control what you do to your car, and its status at all times. With a very simple interface, because it is known that the insides of a car can confuse anyone, is equipped to have the details of the condition of the car.

Since gasoline consumption up stats and reminders of reviews, and general condition of the vehicle, aCar is a very versatile app to track the status. As above, also features GPS tracking and reminder alarms.

This app is free, but also has a paid version that allows, among other things, share your stats on social networks, have the Spanish translation, and widgets to place on your home screen of your smartphone. All this among many things.

No. 3 ITV

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Is this your first ITV ? Is not it, but want to be sure that everything goes well ? For ITV this app helps you by offering all the reforms and procedures manuals. It also provides a list of frequently asked questions about the process.

The best thing about this app is the constant renewal, which makes the manual always up to date, you know by heart the network of stations and frequencies DGT review required by law. Special mention to the tire calculator equivalence.

No. 4 Book maintenance

Top 5 apps to tune your car

If you have more than one car, this is your application. In the previously mentioned, you can just write down the characteristics of a vehicle, divided into different categories (engine, brakes, tires, suspension … etc).

The problem is that is only available on iOS , and has a price of 0.89 €. We know that no one convinces entirely a pay app, but who are in favor of something you want, something hard time. It is available in Spanish, and you can set the frequency in kilometers or months for review.

No. 5 Diagnose your car

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Diagnose your car windows phone
Do not say we do not offer cross-platform support. If you just want your Windows Phone to get wet in help diagnose your car over a Bluetooth adaptation, we present Diagnose Your Car. Through your camera can descubrie faults in the car as well as other data such as vehicle speed.

This app works on modern vehicles that have INIMAGE DIAGNOSIS OBDII protocol. Yes, despite being paid (1.99 €), the application has a free trial version, but includes advertising and has limited functions.