Make your employee an asset for your company

The employees at a company are one of the greatest resources it has when they are trying to ascertain whether or not their leadership is acting in a capable manner. They are also a great asset when it comes to helping each of those employees learn and grown in their careers and bolster their current skill set while adding new things to that skill set.

Many companies try to do this themselves by observing their employees and also interviewing them. There is an underlying issue with this, though. The problem with this is that fact the company is already familiar with each of their employees. There could be some less than honest responses and bias when it comes to the answers that they get from these surveys because of the relationship that the interviewer and the employee already have.

360-degree employee surveys

What is a 360 degree employee survey? Well, first of all, it is a survey that is performed by a third party company to determine the employee’s value to the company and also to help them ascertain how effective the company is being in the way that they deal with their employees on a day to day basis. Why has this service performed by an outside source, though? What are the benefits?


This is the most important benefit of using a third party company to do a 360-degree survey at your place of business. Consultants are tasked with the process of giving the owner and the management team of the company accurate and honest results surrounding the survey that they performed on their employees. It is hard for a regular employee at the company to do this because they will have some bias. They could also have a personal relationship with the employee that will affect the outcome of the survey.

What is a 360-degree survey?

a survey of this kind will gather information from all sources at the business to help reach the goal. It will usually be in the form of a questionnaire that will be given to every person at the company. The results from this survey will then be used going forward to help grow the company and improve the employees day to day workload and help them feel more comfortable and happy in their roles. It is not something that is just designed for Fortune 500 companies. Many smaller companies use the practice.

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