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Find an App Developer that Understands the Needs of Your Business

If you want your business to excel in the mobile app world, you need plenty of information to help you when you hire the right developer. While the process of identifying the right partner is never simple, it can surely be made smoother, and there are a number of key elements to consider when shopping around for developer. One of the first considerations should be qualification. It’s important to determine the level of qualification of the teams that you are evaluating, and how much experience they bring to the table. Qualification doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve built a similar app, but whether they have the technical skills, as well as the business experience to understand your product, its market, your potential client base, and your particular business needs. App development is not just about coding, but about understanding the business requirements, and how to put your product or service directly into the hands of your end-users. The right development team will have a proven record when it comes to building successful apps — offering up a great user experience, a good feel for visual design, and of course the competency to create quality apps for Android or Apple.

The most important thing is to be sure your developer understands your business and its relationship to technology. From a business perspective, everything relies on increasing your user base and profitability. You want people to use your product instead of that of your rivals. To achieve that, you need information. You want to collect as much relevant knowledge as you can get your hands on in order to make the product that people really want, and no one can do this better than a mobile app development company with proven experience and a strong portfolio. A fly-by-night developer can show you the back end, but only an experienced developer such as Clearbridge Mobile can show you the direct results they have provided to Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, The New York Times, and Shell.

Once you find a developer with a proven track record, you’ll need to be assured that they measure benchmarks during the design process. One of the best vertical measurements is the monitoring of user behavior. Optimizing your app becomes much easier when with the right analysis. Rates of drop off, ratings and rankings, and the percentage of uninstalls can be indicative that there’s a problem during the quality assurance phase. The right developer can identify details such as:

  • Where installs are coming from,
  • The types of users you are acquiring, and
  • What is causing user churn and how to reduce it.

Visit to see the work of  development team that prides itself on its dedication to providing this precise kind of analysis your business needs, especially since measuring and responding to user-related metrics such as sources of download, rates of retention, and in-app behavior regularly is critical to holding on to and enticing back your hard earned user base.

Clearbridge will keep detailed records of benchmarks and deliverables to analyze user behavior and the way your customers will be using and embracing your technology, helping you corner your market — whatever it is.

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