Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

Currently not enough to have a website. Now, in addition, you need to go find your visitors wherever they are and this place, most likely, will be Facebook, Twitter and other RR.SS. With 1 & 1 My Web can connect your website to social networks quickly and easily.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

1: Displays the panel of social networking tools

Since 1 & 1 My Website, plus create your website from scratch , add new features to your web page or add a blog to your website, you can also manage your social networks.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

To access these functions, click on the icon Social Networking side panel 1 & 1 My Website. Then the new side panel tools from the social networks that are controlled are shown. As you have not yet connected to any of them, the next step is to link your website to the various social networks.

2: Link your site with Facebook

Facebook is the social network for excellence. With over 1,300 million users, Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Therefore, it may be a good idea to start using it to promote your website and the entries that you create on your blog.

The three-step wizard that appears when accessing the tool pane 1 & 1 My Web will facilitate the configuration and connection to your social networks, but can also do so directly from the options on the side panel of tools.

Before you begin, you will need to have a user account in Facebook and Twitter to get access to various social networking and link to your website.

In the first step of the wizard, which is equivalent to using the tool settings Facebook side panel, click on Start and then click on Create page.

Now, check the box I accept the terms of Facebook pages and click on Create your Facebook page.

Then the application will ask for permission to access your Facebook account and be able to associate the Facebook page of your business that will create later. Click OK and continue with the wizard.

In the next step, the wizard of 1 & 1 My Website automatically detect the logo of your website and set it as profile picture. Click on Next to continue the wizard. The same applies to the data of your company, which extracts the data provided during the construction of your website. Click on Next to continue. Upon completion of this wizard, you will have created a Facebook page linking to your website, but still need to configure some additional functions.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

3: Sync your website to your Facebook page

The second step of the wizard will synchronize the contents of your website in your Facebook page. Thus, all changes you make to your website will be automatically reflected on your Facebook page. This is especially interesting if you followed our advice and we’ve added a blog.

This second step of the wizard is the equivalent of the tool Manage content and display the different sections of your website. Flip the switch to the left of each page you want to add and sync to your Facebook page and they will be added as tabs to your Facebook page.

This is all you need to create your Facebook page from 1 & 1 My Web and sync content to your website.

From now on, you can access your Facebook page from the link provided in paragraph Pages fly out your Facebook account.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

4: Manage your social networks from 1 & 1 My Website

In the third step of the wizard you can manage content on your social networks to share and also add a Twitter account to share your content on the social network.

Click on the icon Social Media Manager and Table Wizard, click on Social Networks Manager . Act often will access to a new area within 1 & 1 My Website.

From this Social Media Manager, you can create content to share with your followers on Facebook, Twitter or your blog readers and respond to comments they made on your posts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest ways to manage your social networks without leaving your editing environment web forms.

However, you still need to connect to your Twitter account. But it has an easy solution. Go to the tab’s activity on social networks and click on the link Connect with Twitter you’ll find at the top right of the screen. Then in the new pop-up screen, click on the button Connect with Twitter.

Then sign in with the Twitter account you already had created, and click Authorize the application and you will have your website linked to the Twitter account.

From the tab’s activity in social networks can create posts that will be posted on the social networks that have linked, or at least the ones you prefer.

For example, create a new post to share with your followers on social media by writing directly on the table top. Click on Load image and browse your computer a picture illustrating the article. Then choose what I want to share social networks. In this case, we will only share Facebook. Therefore enable the switch to the right of the icon switch off Facebook and Twitter and your blog.

Click on Post Now and Post is published in the wall of the Facebook page of your business.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

5: Add social media buttons to your website

Another way to promote your website on social media is adding social media buttons in your web page. Thus, if your visitors find something they like, they can more easily share in your social networks.

Add them from the Editor 1 & 1 My Website.

Click on Insert elements and paragraph Social Networks, select the item Social Bookmarks and drag it to the bottom of your page.

Then check or uncheck the various social networks that allow you to share the content of your website.

When finished, click on Save. And your page is now ready to be shared and recommended in different social networks.

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