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Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

With the advent of 8 to all iOS iPhone and iPad, it appears one of the most awaited feature by users: third-party keyboards. These extensions attach to QuickType keyboard, which has also been improved. Then you have to install the best keyboards on iOS in August.

SwiftKey is one of the keyboards most downloaded Android and now, thanks to the new iOS lets you work with third-party applications, the keyboard is now available for iPhone and iPad.

The keyboard shares the top of best keyboards for iOS installed on August Quicktype beside the keyboard itself presents the new firmware.

Continuously connected to the Internet, the keyboard is capable of generating suggestions for writing and learn our way of writing, making it much faster text generation. These suggestions and improvements are saved in the cloud to be synchronized with other terminals.

How could it be otherwise used includes the possibility of sliding your finger to write, although I personally do not like this form of writing too.

Applying for iOS Swiftkey 8 has been downloaded more than a million users and is in the “Top 3” most downloaded apps in the App Store.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


The new iOS Fleksy wins the second place in l best keyboards you iPhone or iPad to install iOS 8 P ou used on any Apple mobile device support, offering users a “superb writing speed” intelligent predictions, self-correction and support for over 40 languages.

The application also has some practical tips , such as support for color themes, a range of emoji characters, gestures support (enabling users to quickly delete a word with a single slide, for example) and even allows users resize the keyboard to increase the area of the screen that displays the contents while in use Fleksy.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Another new keyboards for iOS in August that just landed in the App Store is renewed Swype, whose operation is also based on gestures.

It is a downloadable iPhone and iPad keyboard that, like Swiftkey and many others, lets you drag your finger across the screen to collect points that shape the texts.

Perhaps one of the advantages of this application against other applications that populate our list of best keyboards for installation on iOS in August , is the ease of use and adaptation featuring Swype.

Includes 5 different themes and the ability to add punctuation by using simple gestures.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


There are three main virtues presented Minuum to establish itself as the best keyboard for iOS 8 : writing faster, more visible screen while the keyboard use and better control of the self-correcting system.

Defined himself as “the small keyboard for big fingers” Minuum can customize your iPhone or iPad keyboard in different ways.

Simply slide your finger up or down to switch between full keyboard and mini keyboard. FULL keyboard lets you type with great speed to the application itself is learning what is written.

The MINI keyboard is a reduced version of the previous mode that lets you see more content on the screen, placing the keys on the bottom of the screen for added space.

Both configurations allow you to use the keyboard iOS eight more easily.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Popkey is a keyboard for iOS eight different to previous something. Where others propose fast writing, learning and different themes for iPhone and iPad, this app includes a novelty not seen before on Apple devices: the gifs.

The application works similar to the famous emojis keyboard, providing different animated gifs from a wide selection, with which to make your chats more fun.

In addition to its own catalog, Popkey offers the possibility for users to upload their own gifs and real-time updates on current issues.

Double clicking on a gif, it will be stored in the system and proceed to the favorites section of the application in order to improve the experience of using the keyboard.

At the moment it is not available for download, but it will come in few days.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

If you want to discover the best apps for your mobile iPhone or iPad on the App Store do not miss our selection of iOS apps this week: Hyperlapse from Instagram, Hello Vino-Wine Assistant, Quokky, Hitlist and Digital Concert Hall.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

With Hyperlapse for Instagram you can very easily create videos fast, thanks to the stabilization uses own film Instagram.

It checks as recording instantly stabilizes when accelerated video recording. Capture your movements for a day and reduce them to a 30 second video. Want to watch a stunning sunset summarized in 10 seconds without losing beauty? Done!

The operation is very simple. To record you only have to press the red button that appears. When you’re done you can choose between 1X and 12X. That is, you can multiply your hyperlapse speed up to 12 times.

When you have it, you can share it on Instagram or save it in your album. Demonstrate your creativity, one of the five best iOS apps of the week.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Do you like wine? If so, with Hello Vino-Wine Assistan you’ll have your own advisor to choose the best wines.

If you like wine but do not know the varieties, regions and winemaking terms of depth, this app will come in handy.

It will help you choose the right wine. Just tell what will be the menu and recommend the right wine.

You can even consult experts to advise you. The application is free, but purchases from within the application, such as image recognition. Something useful, because with taking a picture of the label on a bottle of wine you can find all the information, from the rankings to the marriage.

You can take notes on your favorites, share them via Twitter or Facebook, or check your dictionary.

Prepare a delicious dinner and difrutar one of the five best iOS apps of the week.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

To have all your documents in order, a good option is the app Quokky.

Upon receipt of the documents filed automatically. Accounts, receipts, parking tikets, everything will be sorted.

You can also organize your files you have on Dropbox, take a picture of a paper document, or set alarms to alert you when you have to pay a bill.

It is a personal assistant that have all your documents and perfectly controlled with which you will never go any significant payment.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Are you looking for a bargain to travel? Download Hitlist – Cheap Flights, Travel Deals and Airline Tickets and check the available offers.

Just include a list of the places you want to visit and the application will alert you when there are cheap flights to these destinations. You will receive the best itinerary with the most affordable price.

With this app for iPhone and iPada you can also access last minute flights, see historical prices of tickets, find your destination country, contintene or city. You’ll want to go where your friends and see if you can travel together.

Choose where and when you want to go and get your ticket at the best price.


The app Digital Concert Hall is designed for lovers of classical music.

With this application you can enjoy the best classical muscia performed under the baton of great conductors by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. You can view live and on-demand.

Enjoy over 40 live broadcasts and streaming each year, more than 250 concert recordings, 150 exclusive interviews with soloists and conductors. It also includes two full-length documentaries: It’s up! Travel and Asia.

A good way to relax listening to good music.

Top 5 Android apps this week

New ranking with the best Android apps of the week in which you will find the best selection of applications of news section of Google Play: Yaap Money, Bring! Shopping List, Cost Control, Collage and Photo-photocollage BBC Learning Ingles All.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Yaap money is an enterprise application Yaap , an alliance of CaixaBank, Banco Santander and Telefonica.

By installing this app on your Android device, you can send and receive money from mobile to mobile. This is not necessary to know the bank details, just need to know the phone number of the user you are going to do the transaction or user of Facebook or Twitter.

Will be very useful to pay off small debts you have with a friend, such as a dinner or part of your contribution to the purchase of a gift. You can send a message from within the same app, to indicate which the transaction relates.

Works with any bank, you just have to install the app and associate it with your credit card. With add it once, you can recharge the balance automatically to make payments.

A simple way to send money between individuals.


Top 5 Android apps this week

With Bring! Shopping List tasked with making the shopping list can be more bearable.

You can forget to leave it in the fridge post or write on the kitchen blackboard everything to be running in your house and need to replenish. Using this application is simple. The interface shows the lists of products and clicking on one of them, you’ll see a picture of each one of them green. When you choose the one you want to include in your shopping list, the color varies and becomes red.

It has more than 350 drawings, you can share the shopping list with anyone by email and even send push notifications. You can personalize it by adding pictures and names.

You no longer have to take care to prepare and buy only what is necessary to not miss anything in your house. Share this “burden” to one of the five best Android apps of the week.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Autumn arrives. We’re back from vacation and it’s time to have a Ferrero control over our expenses and income that may have been relaxed a bit during the summer arrives. With the app Expenditure Control you can do.

With this application you can have a list of your expenses and income and generate excel with them you can send by mail, drop box, ever note and more. You have the option to attach images of supporting documents for your expenses and send the excel file and the compressed image.

Another interesting fact is that you can see different statistics: of your expenses and income by type, comparing expenses and income can also view reports …. filter and sort your lists, make a backup of them.

You can also manage accounts and loans and so purses see the money you have in each of them. A good way to take charge of your finances, with one of the best Android apps of the week.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Create original compositions with your photographs with the app Photo Collage-photocollage.

Choose your favorite photos and make great pictures combining them. You can choose from over 120 types of frames, choose the style, and add your text by choosing the font and color of your choice, plus funny stickers. Choose from hats, sunglasses, headbands … even sandwiches comic.

You can rotate and resize using simple gestures and you also have filters. It’s easy to edit the collages and get very impressive results. An original way to keep the memories of a trip or a birthday.

When you’re satisfied with your creation, you can share it with who want through social networks. Discover your inner artistic.


Top 5 Android apps this week

It’s time for back to school. And languages are another subject. With Ingles All BBC Learning, learning English easier.

Tenedras in the palm of your hand all the lessons of conversation BBC Learning Ingles, to help you understand this language, listening and learning vocabulary and pronunciation.

If you check the Audio Streaming mode you can listen on line. If disabled, you must download the audio file so you can listen offline.

You can choose from 6 Minute Ingles, Ingles Ingles at Work or Express. Save your favorite lessons and listen whenever you want.


iMia – iPhoneâ„¢ Interface


iMia is a web application focused on bringing a standard iPhone web interface to the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems. Yes, the iPhone does have a full web browser that is capable of displaying any site, so it is possible to use these content management systems without iMia. However, the experience is often less than appealing since users must constantly zoom in, zoom out, pinch to expand and contract, etc. As with most web sites and/or applications, these content management systems were coded with the desktop browser in mind. This is were iMia comes in…

iMia brings a simple web interface to the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems for iPhone users. The application is designed in accordance with the recommended iPhone interface design guidelines laid out by Apple. iMia makes use of the iui project’s fabulous efforts in this area.

Learn more on the product page here –