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The 50 Best Android Apps PART-3

In April 2013 could be found on Google Play Store 850,000 apps for Android. Do not waste time looking for what you need. We present the top 50 apps, many of them are free and paid subscriptions, really worthwhile. Constantly update this list!


The 50 Best Android Apps

With the Android app, Adobe Reader, you can use the PDF file format (Portable Document Format) on your device.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The camera phones are increasingly replacing digital cameras. To make the most of these images, you can use the image editing software Photoshop Express. With this version of the well known computer program you can select sections of the image, granite and red-eye tweak or change the brightness of the pictures.


The 50 Best Android Apps

You can not do many things with the Color FX app but, what does it does very well. First remove the color of a photo with the application, and the resulting image in black and white, can be colored to create effects.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Where are you leaving? Skyscanner knows. This flexible, powerful and free flight search engine compares millions of flights over 1000 airlines to find the cheapest deals.


The 50 Best Android Apps

A glance at the map shows all nearby taxis registered with the provider. After booking through myTaxi, you can see how the taxi comes to you. Other functions include pay without cash, see the profile of the driver and use the rate calculator. It is currently available in cities across the world as Washington DC, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and Warsaw.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Operation of this free app is very simple. You choose the input and output languages and put the corresponding text. In languages with the microphone icon, you can enter the word or phrase in the voice. Google Translate requires an internet connection, but all translation requests are being stored are also available for offline.


The 50 Best Android Apps

This application offers music recognition for devices with Android for any number of tracks. To do this you just have to hold the device in the direction of the sound source and wait for the music to be transmitted to a server on the Internet. After a few seconds you will have the information on tracks and artists. SoundHound gives you the option of buying directly recognized song. You can also upload YouTube videos with this song or the lyrics.


The 50 Best Android Apps

This free online storage is available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and computers. The program offers two gigabytes of storage capacity where load documents, music, movies or photos, you can view or download from any PC, smartphone or tablet with Dropbox . To activate the service, you must provide an email address and choose a password. Operation is simple. If you invite your friends to Dropbox, you’ll get a bonus of memory, which can reach up to ten gigabytes.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Summer comes and we all want to be fit. With runtastic you can choose to run, push ups, sit ups or crunches to encourage you to exercise without leaving home.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Are not you the budget? To half of the month and you start to go right? It is time to have an overview of your expenses. With My presupueso purchases you can plan for months, always bear the fixed costs and always be aware of your current balance.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Explore the area with Google Sky Map. You get images and information about the planets, stars, constellations and more. The Android app includes animations to illustrate complex astrophysical processes. Do you know what a “stellar super cluster”? With Google Sky you’ll find out.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Manage photos and images of smartphones is sometimes a long and tedious task. The Quickpic app is an image viewer and photo albums that lives up to its name: it is small, intelligent and above all, fast. The software displays images, icons and wallpaper in an orderly and full screen.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Practically known worldwide. Still, WhatsApp could not miss in the list. To send messages, pictures, audio notes and video at no additional cost. The first year is free, then it costs $ 0.99, about 0.74 euros.


The 50 Best Android Apps

What apps you have on your smartphone? ShareMyApps answers that question. You can send your full list of apps by email or advise individual programs via Facebook. ShareMyApps Download. (free)


The 50 Best Android Apps

This hard disk works in both Internet phone and the PC. It offers five gigabytes of free storage, runs on Android smartphones, Nokia, BlackBerry or iPhone and automatically saves photos of the mobile Internet. Music tracks can be played from SugarSync directly.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The Pulse News Reader brings news of your favorite web sites in a readily usable mosaic view. This works for up to 20 web pages and channels Facebook or Twitter. Clicking on the box, the article opens.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The apps are great, but if you want to play, here’s our list of the best Android games. As vice!

The 50 Best Android Apps PART-2

In April 2013 could be found on Google Play Store 850,000 apps for Android. Do not waste time looking for what you need. We present the top 50 apps, many of them are free and paid subscriptions, really worthwhile. Constantly update this list!


The 50 Best Android Apps

If your family or friends have problems with your computer, you can help via TeamViewer quickly, securely and free. To access data or programs anywhere and control your PC or Mac remotely easily.



Protection software blocks hacker attacks. Turn off the mobile networks for apps in difficult situations. With the antivirus can find problems in apps and memory card. If your phone is stolen, look for the “theft” function to lock, wipe or locate your phone. For a free application, quantity and versatility of functions is quite broad. Avast application keeps up with regular updates.

# 20 SKYPE

The 50 Best Android Apps

Free calls via Skype, even other phones, are not new. But with the version 2.x, we have more possibilities. Now you can make video calls over Skype between Android phone and other Skype contacts on iPhone, Mac, Windows PCs and even TVs (eg Samsung C7700 and C8790). The app was not valid in many devices, but that has changed.

# 21 GOOGLE+

The 50 Best Android Apps

Looking for alternatives to Facebook? In Google+ you can share news, links, photos and videos with friends and acquaintances. In addition, they can chat with up to nine people at once to video.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Facebook has about one billion users worldwide (January 2013). To get an idea, think that about 315 million people living in USA. Write short messages, send photos or videos around the world through your mobile with Android.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Navigate between photos, videos or websites that interest you. This service, which was owned by eBay in 2007, now has over 20 million registered users. After you enter your interests, the search shows you the contents have liked to other users with the same preferences. An evaluation module helps adjust the search results to your preferences. In addition to apps, there are add-ons for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera Stumble Upon.


The 50 Best Android Apps

WeatherPro provides detailed weather information and forecasts easy to understand for most places on the planet. The app contains a rain radar, video from meteorological satellites and full graphics.


The 50 Best Android Apps

With DroidStats controlled’ll call minutes, SMS and data from your Android device. The application, free, recorded consumption, estimated monthly traffic expected and, if you like, notifies you when overstep the predetermined limit. With the purchase of the premium app will free more functions.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The Rockplayer plays video files of almost all formats and codecs. The operation of the player reacts to gestures on the touch screen. The free version has ads.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Monday morning, it wakes you up early and you sharp sound of the clock, is there anything worse? Not that AlarmDroid going to make it fun but you get up early at least wake you with your favorite music. If you want to sleep, you just have to flip the phone and stay in sleep mode. We also provide weather information.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The internal memory of many Android phones are quickly filled. AppMgr III (App 2 SD) shows you a smooth all the apps that can be moved to the SD card. The user only has to give its approval.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Astrid is a complete task manager. Sync your to do lists with Google and Task, has features reminders, lets you create shopping lists, task, and event planning.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Evernote is a block of virtual notes. There you can gather information that does not want him to forget. If surfing the internet you come across something interesting, copy the passage and put it in Evernote. No single text, also images, videos and tables.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The Android interface for video platform YouTube not only allows watching videos on mobile phones, provides an opportunity to share your own movies with millions of people. You can also create and manage playlists with your favorite videos.

# 32 IMDB

The 50 Best Android Apps 32

How are the actors in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” called? How many films participated Greta Garbo? With IMDb you will find answers to these questions quickly. “Internet Movie Database” knows everything, as far as movies and series are concerned. In addition to information about movies, actors and directors, you will see trailers, photos and statistics on cinema. By the way, Greta starred in 32 films and actors of the movie are Clint Eastwood Westerns (the good), Eli Wallach (the ugly) and Lee Van Cleef (the bad).


The 50 Best Android Apps

Put the bottom of your screen in motion. With the app Floating Image you can easily create a steady stream of photos stored on your mobile, Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Sooner or later you will stumble upon apps that have been developed with Adobe Air. To work, install this app on your smartphone or tablet.

The 50 Best Android Apps PART-1

In April 2013 could be found on Google Play Store 850,000 apps for Android. Do not waste time looking for what you need. We present the top 50 apps, many of them are free and paid subscriptions, really worthwhile. Constantly update this list!

The 50 Best Android Apps

Way to stay current is the maximum of our time. With Flipboard magazine have news, photos, videos and twelve social networks, news of your favorite website or recent posts of blogs.


The 50 Best Android Apps

More than seven million users can not be wrong. The Aldiko eBook-Reader is one of the best of its kind on Android devices. This reading software supports both ePub and PDF formats like e-books with Adobe-DRM encrypted. Through the download folder on your smartphone or tablet, the reading material is discharged from any source, in the reader. The paid version has no ads and is updated more often.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Determine the position and save roaming charges. Forever Map the offline maps app is now available for Android. Seeking directions, route calculation (drive or walk) and lots of information on sights and attractions are some of the features available even without Internet connection.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The daily flow of news is difficult to treat. To read longer news that interest you, add them to Pocket. Items smartphones with a unified, easy to read layout is. After upgrading and renaming (used to be called Read it Later), the application also has photos and videos. By synchronizing with the respective add-ons for Chrome or Firefox, you can read the selected computer or mobile news.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Simple, clear, no advertising, DuckDuckGo is now, what Google was years ago. Not only in appearance, also in the collection of personal data, which is ignored in this search engine.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Infinite Design is a vector graphics program for people who want to use their tablet for creative purposes. Put pictures, text or graphics images or work in levels, the functionality is huge. English is to know and work with time to understand the nested menus.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Google brings the browser Chrome for Android smartphones with 4 First measurements revealed that a ten percent faster than the default browser. Chrome loads the first page of results in the background so they can be seen quickly. Chrome bookmarks on your computer are automatically synchronized with the application. A drawback is that this Chrome comes without flash (for video playback).


The 50 Best Android Apps

Drive is not just file storage service online from Google, is also integrated Google Docs, Office package that lets you edit directly in the browser, text, presentation and spreadsheet saved online calculation. With Google Cloud Print, you can print documents directly from Google Drive.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Avira Free Android Security protects your smartphone data if lost or stolen. With the application can locate your phone from your computer, a warning tone begins persistent data is erased or remotely.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Spotify offers is one of most popular music streaming world.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The mobile version of File Manager offers smartphone users quick access to stored files. This allows, for example, put music and apps on the microSD card instead of internal memory. On board are search functions or markers (shortcuts). If you need more features, you can install additional plug-ins. There FTP and LAN extensions.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Symptoms Checker, alarm making drugs, BMI calculator, ready to prepare the home kit or a travel and more. To Your Health offers comprehensive information on health and fitness.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Smartphones have microphone and memory location so why not use them as writers? That is what makes Smart Voice Recorder. Records have a limit of two gigabytes. With a click you can add audio recording as a ringtone.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The app menu reorder mobile Android with 25 symbols per page and a maximum of 30 home screens. To navigate the menu right swipe left or right. A practical option is to have an overview of all the programs that are accessed frequently, with a long click on the home icon.


The 50 Best Android Apps

Write on small touch screens can be tricky. TouchType has a virtual keyboard with a built-in dictionary makes it a pleasure to write on Android smartphones. SwiftKey 3 costs just under four euros, but it is a justified price. The application is able to learn and can change the design.


The 50 Best Android Apps

What’s this? The Google Goggles app knows the answer. Products, works of art, monuments and more. Pattern recognition and images find barcode information, pictures or photographed buildings. Goggles also extracts data from business cards and translates from English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.


The 50 Best Android Apps

The roaming abroad can raise smartphone bill to astronomical levels. To avoid this, find points of Wi-Fi in your area with this application. The offline database recognizes more than 550,000 verified public Internet access in 144 countries.

A Dangerous OS X virus takes over 18,000 Macs

  • The Russian security web Dr. Web has discovered a new virus for OS X called iWorm
  • Is introduced into computers using this operating system, such as iMac or MacBook Air, and becomes bots
  • Apparently there are more than 18,000 abducted Macs

Apple boasts that their operating systems are the safest in the world, and in a way it is. At least from the point of view mainstream.

But that is safe does not mean you are immune to the virus , especially if they take advantage of a security breach, as it seems to make a new worm OS X , discovered by the Russian web Dr. Web , in a story that comes to us via IB Times.

A Dangerous OS X virus takes over 18,000 Macs

This new OS X virus , colloquially called iWorm (his full name is Mac.Backdoor. iWorm ), uses a security flaw in the operating system to sneak into your computer, either an iMac, MacBook Air, or any other model that use OS X .

Dr. Web has not explained how computers are infected, but as they become bots : zombie computers controlled remotely by hackers.

Tutorial: How to format a USB hard drive or SD card in your Mac
iWorm makes access to the infected Mac news aggregator Reddit and look for some specific comments on the Discussion section. Hackers have left server addresses in these reviews, the virus iWorm used to connect to them and getting attackers to gain remote control of the Mac.

According to the website of Russian security, using this system have managed to assemble an army of 18,000 bots, for now, have not used. The bots usually kidnapped or computers are used to send spam to undermine cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin, or perform DDoS attacks to certain services you want to block. Perhaps they were waiting to control a larger number of computers before using them for the purpose they had in mind.

Luckily, Dr. Web ensures that the security software OS X has been updated to protect iWorm.

This is the biggest virus attack Macs since 2012, when nearly half a million were infected by other malware.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android

The best apps to save battery and extend Android

Your phone is capable of doing amazing things, but is unable to get to the battery end of the day. Check and increase the battery life of your Android has become a vital necessity. That’s why we have prepared this list of the best Android battery optimizers.

JuiceDefender is one of the best applications to enhance and extend the battery of your phone or tablet.

With the app JuiceDefender, you will be able to get double the battery life of your Android . All this with just a couple of clicks on the screen of your smartphone.

For example, it offers the possibility to program your smartphone connections to the Internet at intervals. With this app you can easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speed, you can keep power consumption under control for themselves extend the battery life of your device. Also remember that the fewer loads, more battery life, because with each charge, the battery deteriorates.

JuiceDefender is a very intuitive and simple to use application with several preinstalled profiles, but if you want to know more detail, here’s a step by step how to configure it properly.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


Greenify is another Android battery applications for today’s hottest. Not surprisingly, its optimization is very comprehensive and is presented as the best alternative for those who have their mobile phone or tablet Android full of apps.

This app is simple to use, allows you to “hibernate” other apps when not in use, stopping their data consumption and battery.

In this short tutorial on how to configure Greenify you’ll see how to configure it, and knock down those pesky apps to ensure that our device is still fully operational until late at night.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


Battery Defender is a comprehensive application to save battery on your Android smartphone.

Automatically detects the items that are not in use and off to save battery. Also, you can turn off applications at certain times of day, to sleep quiet and nobody bothers you. It also shows the percentage of battery that detracts from your Android smartphone in the popular Android notification bar.

It also permits to create a white list of applications or processes that cannot be closed.

And those are just some of the profits of the Swiss Army knife of Android battery optimizers.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


With 2x Battery Battery Saver you can control and increase the battery life easily, automate the ignition applications or mobile data connections or internet, thus optimizing the use of energy from your smartphone , while maintaining synchronization with your social networks, email, etc.

This app to increase your smartphone’s battery works by cutting the data connection whenever the screen of your smartphone is turned off, but makes regular connections to update the possible incoming notifications like emails, social networks, etc.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


One Touch Battery Saver is your Android smartphone or tablet, which the ring of the parachute paratrooper. You can save the disaster.

A simple tap on One Touch Battery Saver and automatically begin to close unnecessary processes, disable WiFi, Bluethooth, GPS, backlight, ringtones, vibration and timings, etc …

In short, the phone goes into “panic” mode and saves battery or yes. As the battery saving less delicate, arguably the Chuck Norris of battery optimizers for Android.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


If none of the above applications has convinced you, we suggest another very interesting alternative to increase the battery life of your Android phone or tablet, this is HD Battery.

This application works as a widget with information about the battery status of your device with information remaining time loading and unloading, and consumption of certain applications: music playback, web browsing, time of calls, video playback.

The best apps to save battery and extend Android


Easy Battery Saver is one of the best rated apps for Android users to save battery on your smartphone.

In this app to increase the battery life of your mobile phone efficiency in resource management and ease of use of its interface binding.

The main display shows the percentage of remaining battery and so is running. It also tells the time battery life if we use talking, browsing, listening to music or playing video.

It has several sections so you can configure it in the best way, tutorials, consumer information, intelligently, etc

Another decent app to belong to this select group of Android battery optimizers.

Easy Battery Saver
If you liked these applications, perhaps you may be interested in our list of the best apps for Android.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight

With the advent of 8 to all iOS iPhone and iPad, it appears one of the most awaited feature by users: third-party keyboards. These extensions attach to QuickType keyboard, which has also been improved. Then you have to install the best keyboards on iOS in August.

SwiftKey is one of the keyboards most downloaded Android and now, thanks to the new iOS lets you work with third-party applications, the keyboard is now available for iPhone and iPad.

The keyboard shares the top of best keyboards for iOS installed on August Quicktype beside the keyboard itself presents the new firmware.

Continuously connected to the Internet, the keyboard is capable of generating suggestions for writing and learn our way of writing, making it much faster text generation. These suggestions and improvements are saved in the cloud to be synchronized with other terminals.

How could it be otherwise used includes the possibility of sliding your finger to write, although I personally do not like this form of writing too.

Applying for iOS Swiftkey 8 has been downloaded more than a million users and is in the “Top 3” most downloaded apps in the App Store.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


The new iOS Fleksy wins the second place in l best keyboards you iPhone or iPad to install iOS 8 P ou used on any Apple mobile device support, offering users a “superb writing speed” intelligent predictions, self-correction and support for over 40 languages.

The application also has some practical tips , such as support for color themes, a range of emoji characters, gestures support (enabling users to quickly delete a word with a single slide, for example) and even allows users resize the keyboard to increase the area of the screen that displays the contents while in use Fleksy.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Another new keyboards for iOS in August that just landed in the App Store is renewed Swype, whose operation is also based on gestures.

It is a downloadable iPhone and iPad keyboard that, like Swiftkey and many others, lets you drag your finger across the screen to collect points that shape the texts.

Perhaps one of the advantages of this application against other applications that populate our list of best keyboards for installation on iOS in August , is the ease of use and adaptation featuring Swype.

Includes 5 different themes and the ability to add punctuation by using simple gestures.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


There are three main virtues presented Minuum to establish itself as the best keyboard for iOS 8 : writing faster, more visible screen while the keyboard use and better control of the self-correcting system.

Defined himself as “the small keyboard for big fingers” Minuum can customize your iPhone or iPad keyboard in different ways.

Simply slide your finger up or down to switch between full keyboard and mini keyboard. FULL keyboard lets you type with great speed to the application itself is learning what is written.

The MINI keyboard is a reduced version of the previous mode that lets you see more content on the screen, placing the keys on the bottom of the screen for added space.

Both configurations allow you to use the keyboard iOS eight more easily.

Best keyboards iPhone or iPad to install iOS eight


Popkey is a keyboard for iOS eight different to previous something. Where others propose fast writing, learning and different themes for iPhone and iPad, this app includes a novelty not seen before on Apple devices: the gifs.

The application works similar to the famous emojis keyboard, providing different animated gifs from a wide selection, with which to make your chats more fun.

In addition to its own catalog, Popkey offers the possibility for users to upload their own gifs and real-time updates on current issues.

Double clicking on a gif, it will be stored in the system and proceed to the favorites section of the application in order to improve the experience of using the keyboard.

At the moment it is not available for download, but it will come in few days.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

If you want to discover the best apps for your mobile iPhone or iPad on the App Store do not miss our selection of iOS apps this week: Hyperlapse from Instagram, Hello Vino-Wine Assistant, Quokky, Hitlist and Digital Concert Hall.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

With Hyperlapse for Instagram you can very easily create videos fast, thanks to the stabilization uses own film Instagram.

It checks as recording instantly stabilizes when accelerated video recording. Capture your movements for a day and reduce them to a 30 second video. Want to watch a stunning sunset summarized in 10 seconds without losing beauty? Done!

The operation is very simple. To record you only have to press the red button that appears. When you’re done you can choose between 1X and 12X. That is, you can multiply your hyperlapse speed up to 12 times.

When you have it, you can share it on Instagram or save it in your album. Demonstrate your creativity, one of the five best iOS apps of the week.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Do you like wine? If so, with Hello Vino-Wine Assistan you’ll have your own advisor to choose the best wines.

If you like wine but do not know the varieties, regions and winemaking terms of depth, this app will come in handy.

It will help you choose the right wine. Just tell what will be the menu and recommend the right wine.

You can even consult experts to advise you. The application is free, but purchases from within the application, such as image recognition. Something useful, because with taking a picture of the label on a bottle of wine you can find all the information, from the rankings to the marriage.

You can take notes on your favorites, share them via Twitter or Facebook, or check your dictionary.

Prepare a delicious dinner and difrutar one of the five best iOS apps of the week.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

To have all your documents in order, a good option is the app Quokky.

Upon receipt of the documents filed automatically. Accounts, receipts, parking tikets, everything will be sorted.

You can also organize your files you have on Dropbox, take a picture of a paper document, or set alarms to alert you when you have to pay a bill.

It is a personal assistant that have all your documents and perfectly controlled with which you will never go any significant payment.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Are you looking for a bargain to travel? Download Hitlist – Cheap Flights, Travel Deals and Airline Tickets and check the available offers.

Just include a list of the places you want to visit and the application will alert you when there are cheap flights to these destinations. You will receive the best itinerary with the most affordable price.

With this app for iPhone and iPada you can also access last minute flights, see historical prices of tickets, find your destination country, contintene or city. You’ll want to go where your friends and see if you can travel together.

Choose where and when you want to go and get your ticket at the best price.


The app Digital Concert Hall is designed for lovers of classical music.

With this application you can enjoy the best classical muscia performed under the baton of great conductors by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. You can view live and on-demand.

Enjoy over 40 live broadcasts and streaming each year, more than 250 concert recordings, 150 exclusive interviews with soloists and conductors. It also includes two full-length documentaries: It’s up! Travel and Asia.

A good way to relax listening to good music.

Top 5 Android apps this week

New ranking with the best Android apps of the week in which you will find the best selection of applications of news section of Google Play: Yaap Money, Bring! Shopping List, Cost Control, Collage and Photo-photocollage BBC Learning Ingles All.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Yaap money is an enterprise application Yaap , an alliance of CaixaBank, Banco Santander and Telefonica.

By installing this app on your Android device, you can send and receive money from mobile to mobile. This is not necessary to know the bank details, just need to know the phone number of the user you are going to do the transaction or user of Facebook or Twitter.

Will be very useful to pay off small debts you have with a friend, such as a dinner or part of your contribution to the purchase of a gift. You can send a message from within the same app, to indicate which the transaction relates.

Works with any bank, you just have to install the app and associate it with your credit card. With add it once, you can recharge the balance automatically to make payments.

A simple way to send money between individuals.


Top 5 Android apps this week

With Bring! Shopping List tasked with making the shopping list can be more bearable.

You can forget to leave it in the fridge post or write on the kitchen blackboard everything to be running in your house and need to replenish. Using this application is simple. The interface shows the lists of products and clicking on one of them, you’ll see a picture of each one of them green. When you choose the one you want to include in your shopping list, the color varies and becomes red.

It has more than 350 drawings, you can share the shopping list with anyone by email and even send push notifications. You can personalize it by adding pictures and names.

You no longer have to take care to prepare and buy only what is necessary to not miss anything in your house. Share this “burden” to one of the five best Android apps of the week.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Autumn arrives. We’re back from vacation and it’s time to have a Ferrero control over our expenses and income that may have been relaxed a bit during the summer arrives. With the app Expenditure Control you can do.

With this application you can have a list of your expenses and income and generate excel with them you can send by mail, drop box, ever note and more. You have the option to attach images of supporting documents for your expenses and send the excel file and the compressed image.

Another interesting fact is that you can see different statistics: of your expenses and income by type, comparing expenses and income can also view reports …. filter and sort your lists, make a backup of them.

You can also manage accounts and loans and so purses see the money you have in each of them. A good way to take charge of your finances, with one of the best Android apps of the week.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Create original compositions with your photographs with the app Photo Collage-photocollage.

Choose your favorite photos and make great pictures combining them. You can choose from over 120 types of frames, choose the style, and add your text by choosing the font and color of your choice, plus funny stickers. Choose from hats, sunglasses, headbands … even sandwiches comic.

You can rotate and resize using simple gestures and you also have filters. It’s easy to edit the collages and get very impressive results. An original way to keep the memories of a trip or a birthday.

When you’re satisfied with your creation, you can share it with who want through social networks. Discover your inner artistic.


Top 5 Android apps this week

It’s time for back to school. And languages are another subject. With Ingles All BBC Learning, learning English easier.

Tenedras in the palm of your hand all the lessons of conversation BBC Learning Ingles, to help you understand this language, listening and learning vocabulary and pronunciation.

If you check the Audio Streaming mode you can listen on line. If disabled, you must download the audio file so you can listen offline.

You can choose from 6 Minute Ingles, Ingles Ingles at Work or Express. Save your favorite lessons and listen whenever you want.

Top 5 Android games of the week

Top 5 Android games of the week

These are the best Android games of the week from all the innovations that have occurred in the Google Play store in these last seven days: Heroes Charge, Sovereign of the Kingdom, Lego Star Wars Yoda II, Madden NFL Mobile and Zombies road racing.


Charge Heroes is a role playing multiplayer online. Move through the world and get beat Kron bitterest enemies. You will have to choose from over fifty different heroes. Get the best and train your team to win games in which you will have to overcome more than a hundred missions.

You can choose from a simple thug to a powerful mage or archer. You’ll have to develop your skills and get the best weapons to achieve victory in the battlefield.

Fight alone or creating alliances and team strategies with friends. You also have the option to play on special events that will test your strategic skills.

This Android game is free, but you can buy upgrades (gems to buy new heroes) from within the application itself.

Top 5 Android games of the week


With Sovereign of the Kingdom, you will depart from a small village and you can achieve a great empire.

To become king, you have to recruit commanders to protect your deposit and take you to beat all your enemies. Customize your troops and improving their equipment to be the most powerful.

Directs Sadon, a former smuggler and the armies of rampaging orcs. Steals food, minerals or stones and burned their buildings, walls and knocks besieged the tower. Your reward will be a huge treasure.

You start building huts and have to go to get a thriving city and have your own fortification. To be invincible, it is best that you Alids you compete with other players and tournaments. Become the Supreme Conqueror playing your cards right and developing great strategies.

Design your blazon to let everyone know who is boss and enjoy one of the best Android games of the week.

Top 5 Android games of the week


Nor Lego could resisitirse to attracting saga Star Wars. One of the five best Android games for this week is Yoda Lego Star Wars II. So if you’re a fan of the yellow comics and the films of George Luca s, you will love this game.

You can choose if you get side force and you become a Jedi by Yoda or choose the dark side and rule the galaxy with Darth Vader. Either way, you choose the side you choose, you have to run, jump and fly across the universe Lego Star Wars.

You’ll fight with light sabers, star desctructores overthrow them, combatiras in space … Exceeds level up to 8 mini figures and expires in 4 battles stellar. You choose if you join the “good” or if you want to be a bad boy.

Top 5 Android games of the week


With Madden NFL Mobile you can experience the excitement of football on your Android device.

Create your team with the biggest stars in the NFL and plays all season. Choose your own template getting the best players. You’ll have to manage and update their signings.

Click on your opponents and challenge your friends to play and enjoy the countryside. Make launches in Face to Face mode or play all 16 games that make up the entire season. Will you be able to reach the Super Bowl?

Also you can follow the NFL authentic as you’ll live updates with real events and players. The game is free, but you can buy upgrades from within the app.

Take to the pitch with one of the five best Android games this week.

Top 5 Android games of the week


Delve into the zombie apocalypse Zombie Road Racing.

Take your car and running through deserts, forests and roads surrounded by zombies. Earn money to upgrade your car or buy a more powerful and faster to crush all zombies that appear in your way.

You can get 7 different vehicles, customize your trip, move on 6 disitintos environments: forest, desert, arctic, highways, mining and space. Domina consique physics and balance on the car. Do not fall and reaches as far as possible in this crazy race.