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Five arguments to convince your mother you install Linux

In recent years, GNU / Linux has become the operating system accessible to all users, which have proven their virtues: stability, security, customizability … and safely: most distributions can be tested without installation.

No. 1 Best user community

Five arguments to convince your mother you install Linux

Okay, you have your favorite distro installed on the computer of your mother, and now there, watching and waiting brazenly do know it all and know what to do either. Despite what it may seem, the computer is not an exact science and will soon need to do more than write emails, surf the web or watch old episodes of “Turolenses the world.” And that’s where the community comes in.

When your mother runs into any setback, simply type into Google your problem and the name of your distro, add quotes and get results of other users who have already resolved the problem. Or write to one of the countless user forums and wait for people desviva help.

The good vibes in the community of Linux users have to do with the great altruism burden associated with their identity, and is a very pleasant surprise for any newcomer to GNU / Linux. Your mother will feel welcomed and not have to call you on Sundays at 11 pm to ask you to go home urgently to solve you the ballot.

No. 2 More secure and stable than other

Five arguments to convince your mother you install Linux

Maybe your mother does not understand the full extent of the rail equipment safety with GNU / Linux, but enjoy its advantages. After all, not only is that less error windows or on rare need sometimes restart the computer because you are inoperative, but appear system permits access to any Linux distribution installed by default allow your mother touch the fairness of the system and, therefore, dismiss the risk of deleting important information or files. Not to mention the virtual absence of the happy virus …

So you can finally tell your mother what she – and millions like her – always wanted to hear: Luci, you can play anywhere. Do not worry, you can not break anything, you enjoy. And that is worth its weight in gold. The weight of usability, not the weight of your mother.

# 3 There is everything here, and all good

Five arguments to convince your mother you install Linux

Do not exageraras when you tell your mother that brand for Linux, there are all kinds of software.

Whatever your taste, habits, preferences and needs … will be a program for it. And not only that, but almost certainly, a user will be translated into Castilian software (or Catalan, Galician, Basque …) so completely altruistic.

If your mother has told you a smarty anyone – your brother-safe – that Linux is difficult to install software that is beginning to ask thousands of files and additional libraries to be installed separately, check it destroys the argument by presenting one of the managers packages that are already integrated approach and a world of end user programs, perfectly filtered, classified and even reviews of other users. You can spend hours there stirring the dead like a software store sale!

# 4 Always have a distro for you

Five arguments to convince your mother you install Linux

For programmers, for gamers, for musicians, for architects, for … do not care what your mother with your computer, there will always be a distribution (ie, a version of Linux that changes the included software desktop and other components) that will fit her like a glove and provide programs and the look she wanted.

When recycling the oldest computers in the house, Linux is also unbeatable, with light and fast distributions that seem to bring out the best of a processor that had already been sentenced to die. It is the occasion to mark you somewhat with your mother and give her an old computer to make your first steps with computers and the Internet. To choose the most suitable distribution is a particularly interesting place also ideal for keeping abreast of updates, new distros, versions, etc.

You can also get an idea of the variety on offer by reading our article 5 Linux distributions for 5 types of professionals. Hopefully other operating systems offered half chances when choosing a desk and a starting point, including software, to install and start enjoying.

No. 5 Free and free (or not)

Five arguments to convince your mother you install Linux

The last reason for your mother – she really grasped – Complete decide because you put a Linux computer in your life will love: it’s free. The vast majority of the software that will find for GNU / Linux, including the operating system itself is free. And, in a high percentage, it is also open source.

Not that your mother will start modifying code, compile and distribute their own applications – but you never know what is taught in the courses of the Day Care Centers – but as an ethical approach is very attractive for many users.

But if that does not care for your mother (we suspected) Make it clear that there are “proprietary” and commercial software. Return to mention the pocket and let him clear to your mother that the fact that Linux and free software is almost always not imply that the rate of updates, new features and enhancements that are received is below. On the contrary, the developer community is extremely active and productive, so keeping up is fast, easy … and free, as we have said.

Top 10 games of 2014 … and 2015, according to E3

E3, the world’s largest video game, fair has released a lot of titles that will arrive in the coming months. Some of them certainly will impact and shape the way forward. We show the 10 best games of 2014 and 2015, called to revolutionize.

No. 1 The Witcher 3

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

We are in the game that will sell more new PCs and art cards next February. There will also be for PS4 and Xbox One.

His predecessors are among the best RPGs of recent years. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt used an engine of new generation designed to squeeze the PC hardware and the new consoles.

The main novelty of this release will be an open world of enormous extent, where you have to explore it thoroughly to advance the plot. The Witcher 3 in the trilogy of Geralt of Rivia, the witcher hunter monsters protagonist of a famous book series.

No. 2 V Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Only Hideo Kojima can put on the market a demo of Metal Gear Solid V for 25 €, and sold over a million copies.

That did with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The full game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, released in 2015.

It’s a dream come true for fans: A Metal Gear (Set of military stealth action) in an open world that you can explore at your leisure, even on horseback.

The trailer of E3 2014 has raised controversy for its hardness and excessive violence , which is not usual in the series. Kojima justified by arguing that the player must have empathy with the protagonist because, once a hero, is beginning to live their own descent into hell.

But also leave for PS3 and Xbox One, the new engine is designed for next-generation consoles.

# 3 The Legend of Zelda

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Nintendo has done it again. Just had to show a static picture of Link on horseback, with a view of Hyrule lost in the distance, and the words Eiji Aonuma: ” You see those mountains Can you go there if you want? “to everyone again looks to the new The Legend of Zelda for Wii-U.

Explore open worlds seems to be the Holy Grail of los best games of 2014, presented at the show E3. It’s not new, but sagas corseted closed on predefined paths and dungeons can be a revolution. You can explore the Kingdom of Hyrule on your own, and accordingly change the puzzles and plot.

Other developments, such as beam weapons and a touch ci-fi, promise a revolutionary Zelda. Just what you need Wii-U. We will have to wait for 2015.

No. 4 Destiny

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Bungie, the creators of the Halo saga, become independent of Microsoft. Their next game will also be released for Sony consoles, next September.

Destiny in the oven takes five. A multiplayer-focused game that is both first-person shooter, an RPG and an MMO based on social interaction between players.

Encabezas a group of Guardians, endowed with powers by an entity called the Traveler, to protect the last city on Earth humans. Hunters and Sorcerers Titans will face off in exciting multiplayer battles.

Hobbyconsolas had the opportunity to interview the designers of Destiny at the last fair E3 2014.

# 5 Batman Arkham Knight

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

” Once upon a time glued to the seat of his Batmobile bat … “

A little exaggerated, but it is the essence of Batman Arkham Knight, where the Batmobile is the real protagonist.

Not only will you Batman to go from one place to another. You can also drive within the buildings, overcome challenges and fight using their vehicle.

Batman Arkham Knight dazzled at the show E3 2014, but now there are controversial because while the gameplay video we have seen in the stands of PS4 and Xbox One … it was the PC version … overtake consoles that graph level or there will be cuts? We will have to wait for 2015.

No. 6 Civilization: Beyond Earth

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Civilization, The saga of most famous of all time strategy goes to space . It is not the first time, but this time they seriously.

The Earth’s resources are being depleted, and humanity must seek new planets to settle.

A full reset of the series, because the different characteristics of the planet, aliens and resources, change the philosophy of the game completely.

You must sign up for one of the eight factions colonize a planet, and try to survive the alien environment. Read the progress of Civilization: Beyond Earth , which will be released in September for PC and Mac.

No. 7 The Order: 1886

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Ready at Dawn prepares this unique set of PS4, not so interested in its gameplay, for its aesthetics and staging.

The Order: 1886 is set in Victorian London in a parallel reality where humans live (and fight to the death) with a mixture of man and beast race.

The war has gone on for centuries, and now in the nineteenth century drove a group of defenders of order descended from the Knights of King Arthur, at a critical moment for humanity.

In an interview granted to Hobbyconsolas, its creators have who have dedicated years to recreate the Victorian London with unprecedented detail. Will, as most of the titles of E3 2014 highlights, 2015.

No. 8 Assassin’s Creed Unity

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Although many accuse Ubisoft of overwork saga, the truth is that the chapter this year is more promising than ever.

Assassin’s Creed Unity will use a new engine for the PC and next generation consoles, and will include a new mode that will allow 4 players to play online co-op campaign.

One way that has caused controversy because four players can only choose main character is a boy. Ubisoft warrants argued that they are all the same character, the protagonist Arno Dorian, as each player plays their own campaign in parallel.

Assassin’s Creed Unity will be released on October 28th.

No. 9 Evolve

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Evolve is the most promising example of asymmetrical multiplayer game: the players have different weight in the gameplay. At Evolve, one controls a huge monster of enormous strength and powers, and a third person view, while four others are “merely” human hunters, fighting in first person.

It is 4 to 1, yes, but things are very balanced. Hunters should coordinate and fight as a team to win, while the monster will try to avoid them, separate them, and hunt them down.

Evolve is a very imaginative proposal of the creators of the hit Left 4 Dead. On your PC or next-gen console on October 21.

No. 10 Mirror’s Edge 2

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

His predecessor was lauded by critics, but also a failure in sales. Something totally undeserved, for Mirror’s Edge was an original “parkour simulator ‘in the first person, where the fighting took place unarmed melee.

This interesting proposal remains in Mirror’s Edge 2 but with more realism and smoothness, thanks to the power of new PCs and next generation consoles.

It will not be a bestseller, but promises new ways to explore and fight scenes. And studying the post, DICE, is a guarantee. Check out the developer diary Mirror’s Edge 2.

# 11 What about the rest?

Top 10 games of 2014 ... and 2015, according to E3

Sure miss some titles in this list of the best games of 2014 and 2015, according to E3. It is because we have focused on those that promise innovation and new ways to play.

At E3 2014, a handful of highly anticipated titles were presented, but they are still very green. We have just seen a cinematic, or not even that, no clue about its gameplay. This is the case of Uncharted 4 Halo 5: Guardians, or Mass Effect 4.

Others are very promising, and it sure will be fun and will sell tons, but have yet to demonstrate that incorporate interesting news: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The Evil Within, Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age Inquisition, The Sims 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Bloodborne, Legends Fable, Forza Horizon 2 Sunset Overdrive, Alien Isolation, Little Big Planet 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry 4, etc.

There are also very appealing remakes, but they are still a facelift of something already played: Halo Master Chief Collection for Xbox One, The Last of Us for PS4, Grim Fandango, GTA V for PC and next-gen …

What is clear is that we have many hours of quality game ahead for the next 18 months. Just choose your hardware, and get ready to enjoy …

10 things you should know about wireless technology

10 things you should know about wireless technology

Discover ten things about technology and how inalambrica.Que are NFC tags, automation and usoQue is Miracast and AirPlay to share content between your phone and your TV, WiFi Direct ejemplo.Las advantages, Bluetooth LE work and other.

No. 1 Rule of the wireless charging

Currently there are no specific rules for wireless charging, as this new technology is in its infancy. However, most manufacturers opt for the Qi technology.

Nokia already has a Qi charger for your phone Lumia Windows Phone and Google for the Nexus.

# 2 What is Android Beam?

Android Beam is a feature that uses NFC to share files between two devices that are compatible. These must be equipped with NFC and Android 4.0 or later.

With NFC enabled, load the file you want to share and then select the device to send it.

Android Apps and NFC for wireless connection

No. 3 NFC Tags

NFC has not yet become very popular. The best way to use the wireless technology is buying NFC tags (for less than 1 € each, on Amazon).

Next, place the labels in specific locations and assign them different roles.

No. 4 Automation with NFC

For example, a label in the car, the phone switches to handsfree, and a label beside the bed, it mutes the phone.

# 5 Low Consumption

Android 4.4 supports Bluetooth LE, using less energy and designed for fitness devices. Part of Bluetooth 4.0 , so make sure your device is compatible.

No. 6 Wireless Airplay

AirPlay is Apple’s technology for streaming media. But you can use Android apps through third parties, as AllCast, complete transmission solution that supports other devices like the Xbox. The application has a free trial

No. 7 Discover the DLNA

The DLNA is another wireless transmission solution built into some TVs, computers and other devices, compatible with most Android devices, but often without any app that stay. The HTC One has it in the Gallery app.

What is DLNA and How It Works

No. 8 Wi-Fi Direct

WiFi Direct is a rather hidden and underutilized standard. Allows you to connect two devices via WiFi without going through an access point. What you find in WiFi settings.

No. 9 Miracast

Miracast allows screen mirroring, wirelessly transmitting the screen of your Android device on the TV. To do this you need a small device connected to the TV.

No. 10 4G or lower

New devices for medium and high, are compatible with the 4G connectivity. Besides draining the battery, coverage remains limited in most countries. To return to the 3G connection, go to Settings> More Options> Mobile networks> Network mode preference.

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

WordPress may be the perfect ally when to show the world your photographic work. Upload images to Flickr and 500px is fine, but there’s nothing like creating your own portfolio and upload your best shots here. With these templates and WordPress themes for photographers, will be a breeze.

No. 1 Photopia

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

If you’ve always wanted to assemble a portfolio blog to exhibit your most outstanding works, Photopia may be just what you’re looking for.

In such portals, what matters is the work and, in this case, the photos look full width. Yes, the version of this free WordPress theme only has some of the interesting features of the commercial version. For example, it is not 100% responsive.

No. 2 Photo

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

Transform your WordPress in a magnificent photographic portfolio. A static menu is anchored on the left side, leaving all the remaining width to display your photos in all their glory.

If you scroll down a screen displays thumbnails of the rest of your creations. Photo makes use of custom publication types, adapting the platform WordPress to your needs.

No. 3 Invictus

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

The cover of Invictus makes this topic is possibly the least classic of this ranking WordPress templates for photographers.

The image in question occupies the entire bottom of the page and serves as a canvas for the other elements of the website. A brief description on the left side, while the remaining models is drawn at the bottom as part of the slideshow. Of course, once you click on the title, the design becomes more conventional and embraces the aesthetic standard blog entry.

# 4 Galleria

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

With Galleria recover the conservative path list. This topic adopts WordPress pale color scheme with a minimal dye, resulting in a generous spacing of the elements.

The result is a simple menu on the left and right central panel with photo master and a series of thumbnails at his feet. Simple, but effective.

No. 5 Viewfinder

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

A dark gray background and a transparent menu are giving way to the thumbnails of the images that occupy the front.

Each appear in random order, with a mild blur until, after several iterations, the design is completed. This form of cover for your website made with WordPress site loads each image in a lightbox full screen, so that an optimal browsing experience is assured, even exploring the high resolution photos .

No. 6 Keres

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

Keres follows the ideas presented by Invictus, but maybe with a cleaner look.

The image fills the wallpaper and only the navigation comes between your eyes and catch.

The rendering engine is 100% responsive, allowing you to enjoy the best visual experience at any resolution. Try to resize the browser window while visiting the demo: spectacular!

No. 7 Core

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

Yes, another entry Themegoods. This agency has an eye for the themes for photographers!

On this occasion, the gallery is generated with an animated CSS3 gateway versions will incorporate high resolution automatically. Other extras this WordPress template includes the ability to add background music to a simple widget on top.

No. 8 Shuttershot

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

This free theme for photography serves as a gallery full screen showing an animated slide show at the bottom of the website pass.

You can superimpose your logo and a menu at the top, but little else. It enjoys a very attractive simplicity and also easy to implement.

No. 9 Focal

Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers

Of course, in this case the user can control which image view and may include a brief description that will overlay in the lower left corner of the photograph. As a bonus, it includes a special plugin to autogenerate a very successful gallery that uses the entire screen again.


Top 10 WordPress Templates for Photographers 9

Finally, it is mandatory to mention the project Photocrati. What originally started out as a single photography theme for WordPress, it has become an entire ecosystem to support photographers who want to improve their web presence.

The complete package includes over 60 themes for WordPress and a special plugin with which to build your own gallery.

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Have a car, and want to get more involved in their maintenance? Do you think that your workshop you are kidding? Do not you know when you are going to make revisions, or what? We bring you a little help, the best apps to help you take care of your car and save some money.

No. 1 Euromaster

Top 5 apps to tune your car

The app Euromaster is designed to help any type of user, or have an idea about how a car is kept. If you’re not sure what kind of maintenance you need, or what fails, you can easily find it on E uromaster.

One of the best utilities is the revisions, perimitira you choose the date of your next review Based on mix drawing dates wear, pressure, brakes, oil and filters … These dates are merged into a single alarm that will sound a week before the day of the review.

The app also includes promotions and in workshops near you, contact them and, most important for novice drivers, an option to locate the parked car, and GPS will guide you to it if you can not find it then.

No. 2 Acar

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Acar is the most complete app to have perfect control what you do to your car, and its status at all times. With a very simple interface, because it is known that the insides of a car can confuse anyone, is equipped to have the details of the condition of the car.

Since gasoline consumption up stats and reminders of reviews, and general condition of the vehicle, aCar is a very versatile app to track the status. As above, also features GPS tracking and reminder alarms.

This app is free, but also has a paid version that allows, among other things, share your stats on social networks, have the Spanish translation, and widgets to place on your home screen of your smartphone. All this among many things.

No. 3 ITV

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Is this your first ITV ? Is not it, but want to be sure that everything goes well ? For ITV this app helps you by offering all the reforms and procedures manuals. It also provides a list of frequently asked questions about the process.

The best thing about this app is the constant renewal, which makes the manual always up to date, you know by heart the network of stations and frequencies DGT review required by law. Special mention to the tire calculator equivalence.

No. 4 Book maintenance

Top 5 apps to tune your car

If you have more than one car, this is your application. In the previously mentioned, you can just write down the characteristics of a vehicle, divided into different categories (engine, brakes, tires, suspension … etc).

The problem is that is only available on iOS , and has a price of 0.89 €. We know that no one convinces entirely a pay app, but who are in favor of something you want, something hard time. It is available in Spanish, and you can set the frequency in kilometers or months for review.

No. 5 Diagnose your car

Top 5 apps to tune your car

Diagnose your car windows phone
Do not say we do not offer cross-platform support. If you just want your Windows Phone to get wet in help diagnose your car over a Bluetooth adaptation, we present Diagnose Your Car. Through your camera can descubrie faults in the car as well as other data such as vehicle speed.

This app works on modern vehicles that have INIMAGE DIAGNOSIS OBDII protocol. Yes, despite being paid (1.99 €), the application has a free trial version, but includes advertising and has limited functions.

The best free online storage services in the cloud

The available of our files anywhere, at any time and from multiple devices, being only necessary to have an Internet connection. This is what they propose the best free services cloud storage, which have become so popular in recent times.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Speaking of online virtual disks is talking about Dropbox, and is in its own right one of the best free services cloud storage that can be found.

It is certainly the best known, and excellent support, functionality and ease of use justify its popularity.

In its free form part with 2 GB of online storage, which can reach 16 gigs easily become thanks to the recommendations (we achieve each new user who registers on our part, we will receive an additional 500 MB).

We can access Dropbox through their web page and upload and download files from this interface, but it is best to install the appropriate application for the synchronization of the parent folder is automatic. There are versions for PC (Windows, OS X and Linux ) and mobile devices ( Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire ).

Meanwhile, the Pro version allows to hire 100, 200 or 500 Gbytes per month based on a price of $ 10, and even a Dropbox specifically tailored to businesses (with plans ranging from 1 TB to five users ).


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Google also did not want to miss the opportunity to have your own online storage platform since mid 2012 launched Google Drive.

Its peculiarity is that it was born on the basis of the Google Docs office suite, so it is one of the best free services cloud storage to include in one place as much storage as document editing .

Of course, if we are users of other Google services, we also will benefit from a complete integration (eg, downloading attachments from Gmail directly from Google Drive), with a familiar interface that just cost us to use, and its free version offers 15 Gbytes of space.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

If we look for one of the best free storage services in the cloud, you can not miss the alternative of Microsoft , SkyDrive.

There are two major asset: it integrates seamlessly with Windows 8 and features Office Web Apps within the same service, so that we can work with all kinds of Office files directly in a web browser.

To use SkyDrive, we can associate our own email address without having to it (since it is also compatible with Yahoo! or Gmail, for example), and if we start session from a computer running Microsoft operating system simply using the same user account. It comes with 7 GB of free space.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

The best free online storage services in the cloud 4

Mega is the latest proposal for Kim Dotcom , the celebrated creator of Megaupload , which the FBI after seeing his previous project closed for piracy dedicio give a twist to the original concept.

Upon checking will get 50 GB of free storage, and files you want to share from the virtual drive will be accompanied by a personal password to try to avoid problems with copyright. With it, generated with each exchange and encryption to increase security, solely responsible for content sharing is the user, not the hosting service.

Its operation is based on the full HTML5, which upon entering the Web version will work almost the same way as would a specific application.

Also available payment options, which for 10 euros per month gives us a lot more space (500 GB), and 30 euros even get to have four TBytes.

If we wish, we can install the app on your smartphone, in the web browser or use an automated tool to synchronize folders on our computers.

# 5 BOX

The best free online storage services in the cloud

Box is another competitors enter the fray when the best free storage services in the cloud it is.

Although popularity is behind Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, not detract at all and offers 10 GB of free storage to register.

This service also integrates Box Notes , to create documents, take notes and share ideas in real time.

In addition, for only 4 euros per month allows you to have 100 Gbytes, making it one of the best deals of this type in terms of quantity / price is concerned.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Cubby known for offering some extra features that come to offer a slightly different from the predominant Dropbox online storage.

Party with 5 Gbytes of free space, and he can share not only the default folder, but we indicate either from a computer (which in this case is called creating a “Cubby”). The timing in this case is carried out by P2P, and does not account for the 5 free GB (can sync a folder between two machines several gigabytes and share it with third parties unless we give you access).

This is done after installing the software, and with a simple click will convert a folder on a Cubby.


The best free online storage services in the cloud

Bitcasa offers up to 20 Gbytes free private storage, with which synchronize at a time up to three devices in the cloud.

One of its advantages is that it allows automatic backups of all of them and can access content from anywhere.

All data is encrypted before leaving your computer, to enhance privacy, and instead of simply synchronize, functions more as an external disk online .


The best free online storage services in the cloud

We finished our list of the best free services cloud storage with Copy, noted for its ability to share large files or entire folders without size restriction.

Thus, it allows a folder from 20 Gbytes four users different, which consume just 5 Gbytes each in this case.

In its free version comes with 15 GB of space, and has enabled applications Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Raspberri Pi .

The top 5 free photo viewer

The photo viewer built into Windows is convenient, because it comes with the system. But its functionality is really limited. To efficiently deal with your thousands of photos, you need a powerful application with functions of organization, retouching and printing, such as those we present.


The top 5 free photo viewer

Faststone Viewer is a simple, rapid implementation and has no problems even if you open folders with several thousand photos. It offers basic retouching functions and supports image rotation, thumbnail sheet creation and batch conversion. There as a portable version here, which is great because you can put it on a flash drive along with your pictures and you will always have a viewer by hand, on any computer.

NO. 2 XNVIEW 2.0

The top 5 free photo viewer

XnView supports more than 500 different formats of graphic formats and is capable of converting almost all other different. It has speed-organization, fully customizable view thumbnails and EXIF or IPTC an editor for your digital photos. Exists for many platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) and has half a dozen satellite mobile apps that let you add effects to your photos on your iPhone or Android, escalate, or envejecerlas, etc. Download it from here.


The top 5 free photo viewer

This is one of the viewers lighter and faster photos 5. addition to its own display functions, IrfanView allows drawing on images, save presentations in EXE format your photos, send them by e-mail, trim, etc. Supports batch processing and supports plugins, so you can greatly extend its functionality. Comes as a single EXE file, so that also is portable. You can download it from their website.

NO. 4 PICASA 3.9

The top 5 free photo viewer

This viewer is much more than that. Picasa offers advanced management features photos, lets show them on a map, label them, group them, create cards and other stationery. It has facial recognition of individuals from a photo and gives you access to online photo storage service from Google. It has a great interface and direct connection to Google+. Operating speed in some cases left to be desired, but with the amount of features offered is the least that could be expected. Download it from Google.


ComicsViewer is a viewer of something special images. Although you can use it perfectly for any type of photo and, in fact, is very efficient and fast (because it is a very simple program), actually this application is specialized to display scanned pages (comics, for example). It has a special display in portrait mode. Another interesting detail is that it allows direct visualization of images that are compressed in a ZIP or RAR file. You can download the portable version directly from here.

35 little tricks for big Android PART-3

Discover how to get the most out of your Android device with these 35 quick tricks. With this guide you will discover the potential of your device and customize it to your liking. Make the most of the flexibility offered by this OS.


35 little tricks for big Android

The more you use your Android device, files and documents play an important role in your mobile life. The application File Manager, you’ll find Google Play, allows you to explore every corner of your device, share and move files and access everything that you need even if it is under the hood of your Android.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to identify a contact without having to have the phone close, there is a trick to Android simple: assign it a sound that is immediately recognizable. Simply upload some sounds to your device or SD card and place the folder Ringtones. In the app Contacts you can now set different tones for different people, so you can decide whether to take the call or not.


35 little tricks for big Android

The keyboard shortcuts definitely save time. Here are some of the most common.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to have your organized post , the easiest way is to use the labels so you know which are important, they are sent etc. .. In Gmail there are several options that allow you to assign categories to each email received and color codes you can set Response Priority.


35 little tricks for big Android

It is very important that you have your data safe. The easiest way is to go to Settings> Backup> Copy my data. There are third party applications that you can find on Google Play that give you more flexibility. Make also backup your card on a regular basis.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you’re using Android VPN function, you can connect to a network or a home LAN with security. Follow these steps:
One. settings : Go to Settings and tap More in Wireless Networks and Connections . Click VPN . You’ll have to set a screen lock before using VPN.

2. The exact settings : Click the + icon above and enter the network name followed by the type of connection and server address. You must be accurate with this information
3. A plug : The account is saved and when you click on it you will be asked to enter a username and password . You can now connect.


35 little tricks for big Android

You can use your phone as internet access point for other devices. If your phone contract allows thetering , follow these steps:
1. settings : Go to Settings> Wireless & networks . Select the option Tethering & portable hotspot. Some phones do not have that option or rename it.
2. Bluetooth or Wi-fi : Choose whether you want to allow other devices to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or both. Almost always, Wi-Fi will be the best option.
3. Connection: Tap Configure Wi-F i and choose a name. Enter seguiridad type you want ( WPA2 is best) and enter a password. Finally, active portable Wi-Fi hotspot.


35 little tricks for big Android

You can sync your bookmarks and open tabs between PC and Android device with Chrome. When you’ve set all occur in the background.

1. Adjustments Android : Go to Settings> Data Usage and click the menu icon . You will see a box, mind you that is active Auto-sync .
2. Chrome Settings : When installing Chrome on Android , tap Menu and choose Settings . Select your Google Account and check the option Synchronize .
3. What to sync : Select Sync all or just your bookmarks and tabs . Make sure you are logged into the desktop application Chrome.
4. Final result: Select Bookmarks markers for desktop or Browse open tabs . They will be perfectly synchronized.


35 little tricks for big Android

Fill out a form with a small keyboard and a smartphone is not always easy. In the series of Android browser you can go to Settings> General> AutoComplete forms and add your information to be added automatically the next time you have to complete a form. You will see a saving of time.


35 little tricks for big Android

35 little tricks for big Android

35 little tricks for big Android 34

If you want to try other alternatives to the Android browser, you’ll see a variety disitintos focused on types of use. For example, Opera Mini is focused on speed and Dolphin Browser in the presentation of the page.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to create a shortcut to your bookmarks, you have to keep your finger on that interests you. You will see a menu where you have to choose Add to Home screen opens.

35 little tricks for big Android PART-2

Discover how to get the most out of your Android device with these 35 quick tricks. With this guide you will discover the potential of your device and customize it to your liking. Make the most of the flexibility offered by this OS.


35 little tricks for big Android

The auto brightness is not ideal in all light conditions. If you want the battery last longer , you can disable this option and reduce glare. Go Austes> Display> Brightness and adapt the lighting conditions.


35 little tricks for big Android

The widgets are useful and can give a lot of information with just a glance, but they are background processes, so they consume more resources. If there are any that you use only occasionally, better use the app and eliminates the associated widget.


35 little tricks for big Android

The notices to which you agree by clicking on the top bar, are informative but have an additional use: they serve as shortcuts. If you see a notification does not know which app belongs, and keep pressing. You will see information about it appear. Pressing again will you go to the settings screen where that application, if necessary, you can uninstall it.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you have your device rooted Overclock can do to increase performance or Underclock to increase battery life.
1. Download an app: Search Overclock on Google Play and see the apps that are available. In this case use the app No-frills CPU Control to demonstrate how the clock. Be sure to grant it all permissions.

2. Put the speed: Press the option Max. clock freq., and choose the maximum speed allowed. The application is designed to not let you get to where you can damage the device. Do the same with the minimum speed.

3. The Governor option : change profiles of maximum and minimum speed with one touch.


35 little tricks for big Android

The subtitles of a film can be shown if you click on the icon CC in the lower right corner. You’ll have to choose the language and if you want to be active or not (if you’re watching a movie on a small screen, they may not be comfortable for you). Press the menu button and select the subtitle size where you can resize.


35 little tricks for big Android

Not all devices have good speakers, but it is something that has an easy solution. You can install an app that enhances the volume such as Volume + (Volume Boost). Not that I go to hear the music and the computer you have in your living room, but always improve something.


35 little tricks for big Android

The latest versions of the Android camera allows you to add effects to your images, according to the finish of. When you are in the app gallery, select the picture you want to edit, press the three points are in the upper right of the screen. You see you have possibility to retouch, add effects, etc. When you’re done you can share it on Facebook, Twitter , Email ….


35 little tricks for big Android

Home videos and the websites can be formatted using codecs, what comes to be problematic if you just want to load it and watch it. There are tools to convert movies to different formats, but the quickest way is to look for applications that can already play the vast majority of codecs. MX Player is one of many you can choose from.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to move a lot of files of music, film or images from an Android device to a Mac, you want to make the process as quick and simple as possible. There is an official tool, Android File Transfer, which opens when you connect your device and acts as the Finder. Just drag what you need and transferred to indicated directory. If you’re using PC, you will not need any additional tools.


35 little tricks for big Android

There are a variety of live widgets that update constantly in the background. There is one sure to check your latest emails or calendar entries. With these widgets you can take a quick look at your device and see what you need, which can be a great time saver if you check information several times a day. But the battery life and performance may be affected if you use a lot, and updated even without being in the foreground.


35 little tricks for big Android

Almost everyone has a lot of apps and services on our Android device. To quickly locate those you use most, it is best to create a couple of folders on the home screen. Thus have on hand.


35 little tricks for big Android

With Google Drive you can share files in the cloud with whom you want, while maintaining security. It is easy to use, configure and is a free service.

35 little tricks for big Android PART-1

Discover how to get the most out of your Android device with these 35 quick tricks. With this guide you will discover the potential of your device and customize it to your liking. Make the most of the flexibility offered by this OS.


35 little tricks for big Android

This is one of the fastest ways to get ways to increase the performance of your device. You can do this manually or by installing an application, for example Task Manager. This app has two options: you can close the apps automatically or you can select the ones you want to close it manually.


35 little tricks for big Android

Although having extra memory with a memory card is highly recommended something, start applications if they are stored on a card means a loss of performance. So while you have available of internal memory, there is always better to have installed the apps you use most frequently.


35 little tricks for big Android

There are Google applications and other services try to synchronize in the background. This is not useful for all, so as to choose and how to sync go to Settings> Accounts and select one of your accounts to see how it is configured. Then go to the app that interests you, Calendar, and click the menu button and choose how you want to sync. It is an Android trick that can save a lot of battery.


35 little tricks for big Android

How any device, make a fragmentation occasionally is also good for Android. There are applications like Memory Booster that will help your phone go a little faster. You can run it from time to time if you see performance problems.


35 little tricks for big Android

Sometimes it is difficult to know what resources they consume more battery. With the app Battery Stats you’ll understand. It has many customization options and statistics. Once you have installed, you’ll have to leave running for a while so you can collect information. In Since options you will see how you’re using the battery, the CPU consumption or alarms. So you can solve any problem of excessive battery consumption.


35 little tricks for big Android

In settings you can enter the option Battery use where you will see a graph of time you have without having to charge the device . If you click on the graphic that appears on the top, a much more detailed screen with all the extra information included appears. Below the graph you’ll see the exact times and services are consuming battery.

To refresh the data, you can use the arrow icon top right.


35 little tricks for big Android

Before installing the latest version of Android available, dives into the net and find the opinions of those users who already have been updated. So you can be sure that there will be bugs affecting your device. Also an update improves performance, but uses more memory.


35 little tricks for big Android

Often manufacturers add their own software and launcher to your devices and sometimes this reduces the overall performance. You do not need extras, look at Google Play until you find one that has fewer features. If you want to install a launcher, check out this list that we have prepared .


35 little tricks for big Android

The animated backgrounds are more attractive, but also consume more battery and decrease the yield . Weigh if you put one compensates have your device before doing so.


35 little tricks for big Android

The location access is useful for many applications. But if you need timely save power or increase performance, you can temporarily destactivarlo Settings> Services.


35 little tricks for big Android

You may not need to use all the sounds that come by default on your phone. If you go to Settings> Sound you can choose only those that are going to use. Not that I get a great benefit, but it all adds up.


35 little tricks for big Android

Press button continuously is a process which can be a drop in performance. There are apps like Swype that allow entering data without lifting a finger from the screen. Thus, in addition you will go much faster.