Are There Any Swing Copters Cheats Or Tricks?

If you aim to get a high score in Swing Copters, doing it yourself will take ages and still you won’t be able to score more than a 5. That does not meant that you cannot beat the score of your friend. You can use Swing Copters cheats for maintaining a high score.

Many people have admitted that they missed Flappy Bird when it was removed from the internet. But that does not mean that you will love Swing Copters. That is because the game is not as simple as you think it is. It features the most difficult gameplay, even difficult than Flappy bird.

Here are some cheats and tips that you can follow in order to get a good score in Swing Copters:

  • Tapping is the key

Tapping will get you through the game. As you tap, the direction of the copter will get changed. If you forget to tap or you miss to tap, then you will end up smashing your pilot. This will end your game. So just pay attention to where your pilot is headed. If the direction of the copter is right, just tap to send him to left. Don’t let the copter fly too far, otherwise you won’t be able to control him through tapping. Find the balance because rapid tapping may make him go crazy.

  • Put your fingers into use

Use your fingers to tap. This is the key to respond as fast as you can. Use one finger to make him go left and another finger to make him go right. You will know how to control the movement of your copter. Don’t just rely on your thumb to change his directions and movements.

  • Forget about the hammers

Don’t worry too much about the hammers. You cannot avoid them so just forget for a movement that they even exist. Often the copter hits the hammers because he swings too fast and becomes wild sometimes. You can control the movement of the copter by tapping at the right time so that you can quickly make him move away from the swinging hammers.

  • Take a Breather

This is one of the most important cheats or tips to follow while you are playing Swing Copters. Don’t forget that it is just a game. Sometimes what you simply need is a break. Once you get back to the game, you may regain your performance.

Honestly, you will not be able to beat Swing Copters. But with these cheats and tricks, you can certainly get a high score. You can play it online at The game is available for free so you can even download it and play it on your Android devices or iDevices. Be careful, because this game may drive you crazy.

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