About Me

I am a software engineer @ Yahoo! by day and an open source developer by night. These days I primary deal with PHP, JavaScript, databases, MiaCMS, and other web related technologies.

Additional Background Information:

Open Source Projects:
– A list of projects I have been and/or am currently involved with.

  • Mambo CMS – Content Management System
  • MiaCMS – Content Management System
  • MOStlyCE – WYSIWYG editor for MiaCMS
  • Byte – WYSIWYG editor for MiaCMS
  • Mia-Chat – Ajax chat application
  • Byuic – JavaScript and CSS compression
  • MOStlyREST – REST inteface for MiaCMS
  • Keysig – Keystroke pattern capture and unique signature creation/analysis
  • jChat – Jaxer, YUI, ActiveRecord.js based chatroom application

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