Lollipop now available for the Nexus 4


The Google has begun to deploy Android 5.0 smartphone operating system (Lollipop)to Nexus 4 as a calendar. The user of the device from LG, the update now bringing their Android phone to Android 5.0. Users who wish to update their devices using the system upgrade within the options and continue the normal download and install […]

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Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Year

Apps of the year

The great apps news of the year came from Microsoft after the announcement that the excellent office app was releasing for iPhone and Android tablets, but there were a lot of great applications that appear in the App Store. Have a look at the best apps of them. Platform: Android Yummly Whenever I do something […]

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Apple is working on a new 3D display


The 3D displays level phones are not popular to say. Amazon already experimented with this concept in its smartphone Fire Phone, and things did not go well at all, in fact the device has virtually failed in the market. With this in mind, companies should invest in other similar developments? The idea is undoubtedly good, just need to hit the mark and create a […]

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Possible specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6


Here is the first rumors that give precise details about which would be the specifications of the next major smartphone flagship Samsung , which is none other than the Galaxy S6 . Apparently the company has a totally renewed vision of this device, and is expected to be different from their predecessors in terms of design, construction and functions. Galaxy S4 and S5 Galaxy performed […]

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Office for iOS and Android can be integrated with Dropbox


Occasionally, large companies such as Microsoft and Dropbox disclose partnerships that allow both parties to provide better service to their customers and users. If by chance you are looking for some cloud hosting for quickly saving files in Office applications, then look no further, because soon you’ll have Dropbox. Shortly, the apps Office are synchronized to your Dropbox account so that all your projects will […]

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Face recognition: Google, technology and the inevitability

Face recognition Google, technology and the inevitability

It was very striking announcement of Google about the potential use of facial recognition technology in Google Glass. First, because I have time using the same example of combining technologies dystopian dyes in some of my classes and lectures. And second, for the obvious timing referenced to in the announcement: taken from the recently updated […]

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