35 little tricks for big Android PART-3

Discover how to get the most out of your Android device with these 35 quick tricks. With this guide you will discover the potential of your device and customize it to your liking. Make the most of the flexibility offered by this OS.


35 little tricks for big Android

The more you use your Android device, files and documents play an important role in your mobile life. The application File Manager, you’ll find Google Play, allows you to explore every corner of your device, share and move files and access everything that you need even if it is under the hood of your Android.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to identify a contact without having to have the phone close, there is a trick to Android simple: assign it a sound that is immediately recognizable. Simply upload some sounds to your device or SD card and place the folder Ringtones. In the app Contacts you can now set different tones for different people, so you can decide whether to take the call or not.


35 little tricks for big Android

The keyboard shortcuts definitely save time. Here are some of the most common.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to have your organized post , the easiest way is to use the labels so you know which are important, they are sent etc. .. In Gmail there are several options that allow you to assign categories to each email received and color codes you can set Response Priority.


35 little tricks for big Android

It is very important that you have your data safe. The easiest way is to go to Settings> Backup> Copy my data. There are third party applications that you can find on Google Play that give you more flexibility. Make also backup your card on a regular basis.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you’re using Android VPN function, you can connect to a network or a home LAN with security. Follow these steps:
One. settings : Go to Settings and tap More in Wireless Networks and Connections . Click VPN . You’ll have to set a screen lock before using VPN.

2. The exact settings : Click the + icon above and enter the network name followed by the type of connection and server address. You must be accurate with this information
3. A plug : The account is saved and when you click on it you will be asked to enter a username and password . You can now connect.


35 little tricks for big Android

You can use your phone as internet access point for other devices. If your phone contract allows thetering , follow these steps:
1. settings : Go to Settings> Wireless & networks . Select the option Tethering & portable hotspot. Some phones do not have that option or rename it.
2. Bluetooth or Wi-fi : Choose whether you want to allow other devices to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or both. Almost always, Wi-Fi will be the best option.
3. Connection: Tap Configure Wi-F i and choose a name. Enter seguiridad type you want ( WPA2 is best) and enter a password. Finally, active portable Wi-Fi hotspot.


35 little tricks for big Android

You can sync your bookmarks and open tabs between PC and Android device with Chrome. When you’ve set all occur in the background.

1. Adjustments Android : Go to Settings> Data Usage and click the menu icon . You will see a box, mind you that is active Auto-sync .
2. Chrome Settings : When installing Chrome on Android , tap Menu and choose Settings . Select your Google Account and check the option Synchronize .
3. What to sync : Select Sync all or just your bookmarks and tabs . Make sure you are logged into the desktop application Chrome.
4. Final result: Select Bookmarks markers for desktop or Browse open tabs . They will be perfectly synchronized.


35 little tricks for big Android

Fill out a form with a small keyboard and a smartphone is not always easy. In the series of Android browser you can go to Settings> General> AutoComplete forms and add your information to be added automatically the next time you have to complete a form. You will see a saving of time.


35 little tricks for big Android

35 little tricks for big Android

35 little tricks for big Android 34

If you want to try other alternatives to the Android browser, you’ll see a variety disitintos focused on types of use. For example, Opera Mini is focused on speed and Dolphin Browser in the presentation of the page.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to create a shortcut to your bookmarks, you have to keep your finger on that interests you. You will see a menu where you have to choose Add to Home screen opens.

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