35 little tricks for big Android PART-2

Discover how to get the most out of your Android device with these 35 quick tricks. With this guide you will discover the potential of your device and customize it to your liking. Make the most of the flexibility offered by this OS.


35 little tricks for big Android

The auto brightness is not ideal in all light conditions. If you want the battery last longer , you can disable this option and reduce glare. Go Austes> Display> Brightness and adapt the lighting conditions.


35 little tricks for big Android

The widgets are useful and can give a lot of information with just a glance, but they are background processes, so they consume more resources. If there are any that you use only occasionally, better use the app and eliminates the associated widget.


35 little tricks for big Android

The notices to which you agree by clicking on the top bar, are informative but have an additional use: they serve as shortcuts. If you see a notification does not know which app belongs, and keep pressing. You will see information about it appear. Pressing again will you go to the settings screen where that application, if necessary, you can uninstall it.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you have your device rooted Overclock can do to increase performance or Underclock to increase battery life.
1. Download an app: Search Overclock on Google Play and see the apps that are available. In this case use the app No-frills CPU Control to demonstrate how the clock. Be sure to grant it all permissions.

2. Put the speed: Press the option Max. clock freq., and choose the maximum speed allowed. The application is designed to not let you get to where you can damage the device. Do the same with the minimum speed.

3. The Governor option : change profiles of maximum and minimum speed with one touch.


35 little tricks for big Android

The subtitles of a film can be shown if you click on the icon CC in the lower right corner. You’ll have to choose the language and if you want to be active or not (if you’re watching a movie on a small screen, they may not be comfortable for you). Press the menu button and select the subtitle size where you can resize.


35 little tricks for big Android

Not all devices have good speakers, but it is something that has an easy solution. You can install an app that enhances the volume such as Volume + (Volume Boost). Not that I go to hear the music and the computer you have in your living room, but always improve something.


35 little tricks for big Android

The latest versions of the Android camera allows you to add effects to your images, according to the finish of. When you are in the app gallery, select the picture you want to edit, press the three points are in the upper right of the screen. You see you have possibility to retouch, add effects, etc. When you’re done you can share it on Facebook, Twitter , Email ….


35 little tricks for big Android

Home videos and the websites can be formatted using codecs, what comes to be problematic if you just want to load it and watch it. There are tools to convert movies to different formats, but the quickest way is to look for applications that can already play the vast majority of codecs. MX Player is one of many you can choose from.


35 little tricks for big Android

If you want to move a lot of files of music, film or images from an Android device to a Mac, you want to make the process as quick and simple as possible. There is an official tool, Android File Transfer, which opens when you connect your device and acts as the Finder. Just drag what you need and transferred to indicated directory. If you’re using PC, you will not need any additional tools.


35 little tricks for big Android

There are a variety of live widgets that update constantly in the background. There is one sure to check your latest emails or calendar entries. With these widgets you can take a quick look at your device and see what you need, which can be a great time saver if you check information several times a day. But the battery life and performance may be affected if you use a lot, and updated even without being in the foreground.


35 little tricks for big Android

Almost everyone has a lot of apps and services on our Android device. To quickly locate those you use most, it is best to create a couple of folders on the home screen. Thus have on hand.


35 little tricks for big Android

With Google Drive you can share files in the cloud with whom you want, while maintaining security. It is easy to use, configure and is a free service.

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