Are There Any Swing Copters Cheats Or Tricks?

If you aim to get a high score in Swing Copters, doing it yourself will take ages and still you won’t be able to score more than a 5. That does not meant that you cannot beat the score of your friend. You can use Swing Copters cheats for maintaining a high score.

Many people have admitted that they missed Flappy Bird when it was removed from the internet. But that does not mean that you will love Swing Copters. That is because the game is not as simple as you think it is. It features the most difficult gameplay, even difficult than Flappy bird.

Here are some cheats and tips that you can follow in order to get a good score in Swing Copters:

  • Tapping is the key

Tapping will get you through the game. As you tap, the direction of the copter will get changed. If you forget to tap or you miss to tap, then you will end up smashing your pilot. This will end your game. So just pay attention to where your pilot is headed. If the direction of the copter is right, just tap to send him to left. Don’t let the copter fly too far, otherwise you won’t be able to control him through tapping. Find the balance because rapid tapping may make him go crazy. Continue reading

Face recognition: Google, technology and the inevitability

Face recognition Google, technology and the inevitability

It was very striking announcement of Google about the potential use of facial recognition technology in Google Glass. First, because I have time using the same example of combining technologies dystopian dyes in some of my classes and lectures. And second, for the obvious timing referenced to in the announcement: taken from the recently updated policy Developer Glass.

Do not use the camera or microphone to cross-reference and present staff Immediately Identifying information anyone other than the user, treats including use cases Such as facial recognition and voice print. Applications do that this will not be approved at This Time.”

Which really means that “at this time”? Exactly what the ad itself implies, that in fact, Google is like crazy with the possibility that this technology mix, which is quite possibly already tested ad nauseum within the Googleplex to assess their level of trust is developed, but they simply do not want to be them which put on the market. Not wanting to be directly linked to a development that many see as the epitome of the loss of privacy, which has been talked about a long time, but simply as “triggers the same”.

Face recognition Google, technology and the inevitability

One way to avoid the objections that the United States Congress has shown on the device and that many people have, even before the device officially hits the market. Just as in origin a procedure for taking pictures that leave relatively safe component of privacy, but immediately was designed to take them another developed a simple nod. For many, the Google Glass will soon be invisible, part of normality. And of course, as soon as they develop the protocols used, the better. Avoid becoming a glasshole.

Google has important developments in the field of face recognition, applied since 2009 to a test of such a huge magnitude as Picasa. Developing Google Glass is made, as is customary in the company, as a open platform for developers, and in the same event at which this platform has a particular focus on is done the device can be easily rooted and you You can install what we goodly pleases, with a specific session on the topic at the Google I / O 2013 given by two engineers from Google, entitled ” Voiding your warranty: hacking Glass”, and with the clear message “Disclaimer: you ‘ll be stepping into uncharted territory and unsupported” Come on, come on … do not bother me! If anyone understands that message is just as remarkable that a jar of honey because amid a hive of developers, this is precisely Google.

Once you remove the lid of the pot, the development of technology is completely unstoppable and inevitable, and Google knows it. Yes, the United States Congress can say what they want, they can change laws may shock many … but unofficially, we have come this far. The technology can not be “un-invent”. Go considering its implications.

Microsoft and the future post-Ballmer

Microsoft and the future post-Ballmer

Slightly modified the famous slogan Microsoft 2010, ” Be what’s next ” to speculate a bit about the future of the company after the next start of the fired Steve Ballmer, the obvious responsibility of their fall in terms of influence and leadership, and the person able to lose one by one all the great technological revolutions a decade.

An article in MIT Tech Review, ” Why Microsoft’s Next CEO Should break up the company “, speaks of the need to divide a company turned into an incompetent bureaucratic monster to innovate, and speculates about a future with a series of mini-Bills separate and dedicated to the operating system, desktop applications, server applications, entertainment and activities on the network.

In 1998, one of the questions in the major field exam I faced ahead of obtaining my doctorate at UCLA was just that, a hypothetical scenario of splitting the company into parts. At the time, speculation had been the possible impact of the decision in United States v Microsoft antitrust, but many of the conclusions are applicable then now.

Personally, and from what I know of Microsoft, I do not think we’re talking about a company unable to innovate.

Certainly suffer a crisis of bureaucratic and sclerotic to be solved with the right leadership and cultural change, but I think a number of spin-offs are the way to solve this problem in a fantastically well capitalized company and does not require especially the economic resources that the process would be likely to generate.

My impression is that the main factor that has delayed Microsoft excesses are derived from a culture overly focused on closed and proprietary schemes. Microsoft mentality is focused on what is happening within the company, because there is a widespread belief that anything can be done with existing resources within it.

Microsoft and the future post-Ballmer

That vision closes the door to external sources of innovation: the company does not learn from its users, because these have generally been far behind a myriad of other actors such as resellers, partners, OEMs, integrators, etc. Customer proximity is essential in an era in which many of the innovations are precisely the study of patterns of use and how customers own and others accommodate innovation.

Stage, on the other hand, has changed completely. The most leading companies in terms of innovation does not get all of their own resources, they are dedicated to building platforms that allow and give support to the innovation of third parties, or through community development, or various types of structures that enable and encourage the integration of other creations. The opening also is a key to the development of quality products process, an essential element in the process of obtaining quick response to bugs and problems, and a guarantee of the right attitude.

What Microsoft should consider is how to compete in a scenario where open architectures have triumphed decisively over closed, and how to make that evidence impacts the development philosophies of the company. The simple challenge of considering open sourcing many products is a way to not only improve, but also to present a new attitude, a different picture: one of the keys in the Microsoft is the negative image due largely Steve Ballmer’s own generates many users.

Competing with products that have been developed in the context of an increasingly open stage requires just that: be much more open, to initiate a process of honest, constructive and can lead to positive dynamics both within the company and outside opening it. A process that requires not only the right leadership, but also the joint efforts of each and every one of the divisions of Microsoft. For such a process, it is more than possible that the company is better together than separate parts.

The evidence that led to Bill Gates in 2006 to determine the support of its founding research projects that were open source , must now come to the company he founded. Microsoft was one of the companies with their attitude and thanks to the principle of action and reaction, most favored the development of the open source mentality. Now, you must embrace a philosophy that simply has become a sign of the times.

How to raise a Microsoft-centric innovation and, above all, in the opening? This and no other is, for me, the main challenge will be to face the next CEO. And a challenge that decidedly not worth anyone.

Open Source Strategies

Open Source Strategies

Some comments to my recent post entitled ” Open Future “and some notes on the last LinuxCon allow me to retrieve an entry from 2009,” Understanding technology management in the era open source “, which talked about how to manage technology companies in the current scenario.

No, open source does not necessarily mean a company to “release it all and release it already”, as some pretend to fully understand simplistically. Sectarianism and quasi-religious visions of little help topic in a topic that things are far from black and white. The term open source describes a set of practices in production and development of software tools that promote access to the source code of the final product, which may include – and in fact included in the vast majority of companies – a wide range of gray. Companies do not always release all, or immediately, or in the same way.

The important issue, as I said in my post in 2009, is to understand how traditional philosophy fits the vision of the company based on resources ( Resource-based view of the firm ) is studied in all business schools, interpreted as “jealously protect specific sources of competitive advantage” in an environment like this, where it has been convincingly demonstrated, as stated Allison Randal ( Technical Architect of Ubuntu), that ” free software is a model primarily higher for software development.”

The literal interpretation of the Resource-based view of the firm tends toward a technological management based on secrecy in hiding outside of anything that could be considered a competitive advantage. This misinterpretation of the theory has led to several generations of managers obsessed with security, industrial espionage, with the “copy me”. As I mentioned in that entry a few years ago, “they see a company as a place that should reign absolute secrecy, and often fall into the stereotype of looking at communities of open source development as a kind of hippies communists responding to different schemes to theirs and that under no circumstances can you trust.”

Conversely, stereotypes can also act. Some developers of free software companies are like a bunch of opportunists who use parts of its code or use communities for support, but do not return to those communities that gave birth and naturalized to the products they use. And in both cases, of course, there is everything: no naive, exploited, shameless, smart and intelligent. There are positive, negative and neutral statements. And that precisely is the meaning of the word “strategy”.

Open Source Strategies

One of the things I tried to demonstrate in the penultimate paragraph of my recent post was that, today, it was very difficult to find the name of a major company in the world of technology along with the words “open source” and not finding no regard own page. This shows that, no less, is the need for all the companies of open source strategy, a series of guidelines to manage and understand what is going to be how they act in the current technological environment. Today, companies use technology.

Some create it, others acquire it, others obtained from different sources and adapt to a greater or lesser degree … and in that sense, you have to stop doing things in terms of fashion, timely availability or opportunities, and start them strategically. Cases such as IBM, that after focusing and services possible to obtain a greatly superior to its research and development performance through a careful strategy that allocates resources to open source, are extremely interesting.

Apple, let us as we say, is a similar case: not open all your code, but uses and returns a very substantial part, while other parts of their products (notably, the parts related to the user interface) remain strictly proprietary software. Google does the same, and like them, many others. Each day more, a substantial part of the competitive advantage that a company is able to obtain the technology depends on how open source strategy works.

Open Source Strategies

How does this fit into the vision of the company based on resources? Simply understanding that property as a resource. For a business, the ability to release their software and that you get the right level of care instead of falling in absolute skepticism and forgetting, can be a vital resource.

On SourceForge, the world’s largest repository of open source projects, there are over three hundred thousand projects, but few keep a really significant activity. That is, very few get the community so surely when they tried to get up there. Unlocking code is a very difficult task: for nothing is simply “publish a paper,” but demands quality monitoring, documentation and extra work so that code can actually be used or improved by the community that not all companies are willing to undertake.

Understanding how community development work, maintain a position and a good sense in them, choose which projects or what resources work in them, to know what to expect or appreciate what communities are more active than others and how that affects, for example, the choice of development tools or staffing issues … in many cases, beyond today to the traditional understanding of the technology responsible for a significant number of companies.

As it says Marten Mickos, CEO for many years MySQL, “any company with a technology strategy needs an open source strategy.” The supremacy of the philosophy of open source as a development methodology, to this day, is perfectly obvious. Now, for many, lack integrate it as a part of the business strategy: those who are more advanced in their understanding of being able to get great competitive edge. And business schools, of course, already tried this kind of topics are a significant part of the agenda that managers must learn to get along when they leave the classroom.

Government transparency and open source

Government transparency and open source

Estonia is, with a population of 1.3 million inhabitants, one of the smallest states of the European Union. It is a highly developed country with the highest per capita income of all the former Soviet republics, with a high and increasing score on the Human Development Index, and highly valued in terms of civil liberties, press freedom, economic freedom and education.

Moreover, it is one of the most wired countries considered in Europe and one of the leading world leaders in the development of open government and e -democracy. In the period 2000-2004, the Estonian government considered strategically invest in the development of network usage, and organized an adult education initiative funded by the private sector nationwide who managed to educate over a hundred thousand people, 10 % of the population, with rates of sustained internet use after the course of more than 70%. All Estonian schools are connected to the Internet, and students can view their grades, attendance, access content classes and homework, or final evaluations of teachers about their work.

Government transparency and open source

Since August 2000, the executive cabinet meetings take place in paperless sessions using a system of databases connected by the network, and can also be accessed in the Internet and in real time to a description of the costs incurred by the state. The electronic voting system based on electronic identity, the year of its inauguration in 2005, attracted 1.9% of the voters, was used in the last parliamentary elections in 2011 for 25% of the population.

The last step? Clear all possible doubt and help improve the system. And to that end, there’s nothing like opening the code. Two days ago, the entire server application used to manage e-voting code is available on GitHub (not the client side, to avoid giving too many facilities to the possibility of creating fake customers).

By posting the code, the Estonian government expected that any programmer can test it, find potential issues, vulnerabilities or security flaws, and above all, try the full transparency of the process (an auditing system will ensure that the software used in Election matches available in the repository).

A clear case of security through transparency, not of darkness. The opposite of what happened with Diebold machines used in the United States, precisely because it ended up being a secret development actors of all kinds of problems and controversies. No, it’s not the same managing elections in a country of 1.3 million inhabitants that over one hundred million, but clearly, the United States chose the wrong procedure.

Electronic voting systems are not at all simple. Your design should ensure that no one can falsify the result of the vote, they can only vote for that eligible citizens that their vote is counted only once, each voter can prove definitively that their vote has been placed correctly, a auditor to verify the integrity of the process, malicious participants can not disrupt or contaminate the results of the vote can be properly isolated and that nothing can link a voter with his vote, and that a voter can not prove to a third party which voted (to prevent vote selling).

Government transparency and open source

In the case of Estonia, a voter may vote as many times as you like during the period the vote is open – between the tenth and the fourth day before the election – and only count the last vote cast, even if it has been done in person. With this method it is put control in the hands of voters, making it difficult to be forced to vote for a particular option forced or sell their vote (as it would have a chance to change it later).

With the open sourcing, Estonia not only improves confidence in the system, it can be a reference for those countries seeking to build a similar system. In Spain, one of the pioneers in the deployment of electronic ID, there would be the possibility of developing technology. But obviously, not everything depends on technology: transparency is essentially a will, a desire to do things a certain way. In our country we are, sadly, to something else.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

Currently not enough to have a website. Now, in addition, you need to go find your visitors wherever they are and this place, most likely, will be Facebook, Twitter and other RR.SS. With 1 & 1 My Web can connect your website to social networks quickly and easily.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

1: Displays the panel of social networking tools

Since 1 & 1 My Website, plus create your website from scratch , add new features to your web page or add a blog to your website, you can also manage your social networks.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

To access these functions, click on the icon Social Networking side panel 1 & 1 My Website. Then the new side panel tools from the social networks that are controlled are shown. As you have not yet connected to any of them, the next step is to link your website to the various social networks.

2: Link your site with Facebook

Facebook is the social network for excellence. With over 1,300 million users, Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Therefore, it may be a good idea to start using it to promote your website and the entries that you create on your blog.

The three-step wizard that appears when accessing the tool pane 1 & 1 My Web will facilitate the configuration and connection to your social networks, but can also do so directly from the options on the side panel of tools.

Before you begin, you will need to have a user account in Facebook and Twitter to get access to various social networking and link to your website.

In the first step of the wizard, which is equivalent to using the tool settings Facebook side panel, click on Start and then click on Create page.

Now, check the box I accept the terms of Facebook pages and click on Create your Facebook page.

Then the application will ask for permission to access your Facebook account and be able to associate the Facebook page of your business that will create later. Click OK and continue with the wizard.

In the next step, the wizard of 1 & 1 My Website automatically detect the logo of your website and set it as profile picture. Click on Next to continue the wizard. The same applies to the data of your company, which extracts the data provided during the construction of your website. Click on Next to continue. Upon completion of this wizard, you will have created a Facebook page linking to your website, but still need to configure some additional functions.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

3: Sync your website to your Facebook page

The second step of the wizard will synchronize the contents of your website in your Facebook page. Thus, all changes you make to your website will be automatically reflected on your Facebook page. This is especially interesting if you followed our advice and we’ve added a blog.

This second step of the wizard is the equivalent of the tool Manage content and display the different sections of your website. Flip the switch to the left of each page you want to add and sync to your Facebook page and they will be added as tabs to your Facebook page.

This is all you need to create your Facebook page from 1 & 1 My Web and sync content to your website.

From now on, you can access your Facebook page from the link provided in paragraph Pages fly out your Facebook account.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

4: Manage your social networks from 1 & 1 My Website

In the third step of the wizard you can manage content on your social networks to share and also add a Twitter account to share your content on the social network.

Click on the icon Social Media Manager and Table Wizard, click on Social Networks Manager . Act often will access to a new area within 1 & 1 My Website.

From this Social Media Manager, you can create content to share with your followers on Facebook, Twitter or your blog readers and respond to comments they made on your posts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest ways to manage your social networks without leaving your editing environment web forms.

However, you still need to connect to your Twitter account. But it has an easy solution. Go to the tab’s activity on social networks and click on the link Connect with Twitter you’ll find at the top right of the screen. Then in the new pop-up screen, click on the button Connect with Twitter.

Then sign in with the Twitter account you already had created, and click Authorize the application and you will have your website linked to the Twitter account.

From the tab’s activity in social networks can create posts that will be posted on the social networks that have linked, or at least the ones you prefer.

For example, create a new post to share with your followers on social media by writing directly on the table top. Click on Load image and browse your computer a picture illustrating the article. Then choose what I want to share social networks. In this case, we will only share Facebook. Therefore enable the switch to the right of the icon switch off Facebook and Twitter and your blog.

Click on Post Now and Post is published in the wall of the Facebook page of your business.

Connect your website 1 & 1 My Website with Social Networks

5: Add social media buttons to your website

Another way to promote your website on social media is adding social media buttons in your web page. Thus, if your visitors find something they like, they can more easily share in your social networks.

Add them from the Editor 1 & 1 My Website.

Click on Insert elements and paragraph Social Networks, select the item Social Bookmarks and drag it to the bottom of your page.

Then check or uncheck the various social networks that allow you to share the content of your website.

When finished, click on Save. And your page is now ready to be shared and recommended in different social networks.

Excel: How to change the default to a comment

We explain how to change the way that default Microsof Excel applies to comments you enter on this worksheet. Thus, you can customize to your liking any of these comments.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

1: Change the way previous versions to 2007

In versions prior to Office 2007, the process to be carried out to change the default of a review is quite simple: all you have to do is display the comments and click right on its edge.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

Then, from the toolbar drawing of the bottom of the screen, you just had to click the button drawing and entry Change AutoShape. Then choose from the available new.
Excel How to change the default to a comment

The effect and the change is immediate. The comment might be:
Excel How to change the default to a comment

2: Customize the ribbon from Office 2007

From Office 2007, to change the form of a comment, you could for example set the timely entry into the ribbon. To do this, from the main screen of Excel (in this case Excel 2010) click File, Options and Customize Ribbon . Then choose the input all commands and locates at the bottom entry Change form.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

Then clicking on the tab name and group of the ribbon where you want to include the new command (for the shape change of the comment). We will include it in the record Insert in the section Illustrations.
Excel How to change the default to a comment

Now enter a descriptive name for the new entry and press the button OK.
Excel How to change the default to a comment

Then, still select the input on the left side called (Reshape), click Add and then OK.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

3: Use the comment and changes its shape

Next will be to enter a comment in the usual way. Then, click on its border to select and access with a click of the tab Insert ribbon top option.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

There, in paragraph Illustrations . You will find a new entry (icon) available.
Excel How to change the default to a comment

Clicking on it, so any changes that are displayed comment may experience.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

Click on one (in the cloud) and see her new look immediately.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

4: Change the color of a comment

In case you need to also remember that you can change the color commentary via the context menu. To do this, you just click again on the edge of the comment with the right mouse button and select the input format of the comment. On the tab colors and lines, you’ll find multiple functions related to the change in format. The corresponding color change is first.

Excel How to change the default to a comment

For example it may well be (in the second case, we applied a gradient of two colors):
Excel How to change the default to a comment

Excel How to change the default to a comment

Download free games on Steam and Amazon … Just three days!

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10 Free Games on Steam

Download free games on Steam and Amazon ... Just three days!

Steam launches today its traditional Free Weekend, where you can download and play for free ten complete sets of PC.

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The app store is not available on Google Play. You must install it from this link, follow the instructions.

Top 5 Android games of the week

These are the best Android games of the week of all the developments that have occurred in recent days Google Play in these last seven days: Cars: Fast as Lightning, Medieval Craft: Town Building, Titan Empires, and Touchgrind Futsal Goal BMX.


Top 5 Android games of the week

We begin our ranking of best Android games one for the little kids. If your kids are fans of Lightning McQueen and Mater, the famous characters from the film Cars from Disney , will love Cars: Fast as Lightning . And you can have some fun time with them.

Our protagonists are organizing a show race in Radiator Springs and will need help for everything to be perfect. You have to pick a character and get to go as lightning, to get to get the first goal. You can compete with any of the 20 characters available in the game and get improve and personalize them.

Enjoy the speed and customize your racing circuits or on rocky roller coaster with special sections for stunts. Compete with friends and see who is the best in the weekly tournaments.

And not only have to run. Also create your own Radiator Springs. There are over 30 buildings and places immediately recognize this famous film saga.


Top 5 Android games of the week

With Medieval Craft: Town Building can create your own world. Build houses, castles, shops or farms. And put animals to work so you can live off your land and livestock.

Help Steve, the hero protagonist of this adventure to fight the bandits and find all the elements necessary for you to build your home. Discover the variety of wildlife that you can use as well as beautiful scenery.

When you start the game, you can choose between three different modes: Survival, which will have to survive the attack of a gang of dirty monsters, Defence where you have to help a farmer save their animals and protect them from the horrible criaturoas who persecute and Creative in which you can build your own world. Each has three difficulty levels: easy, normal or hard. You choose.

Test your imagination with one of the five best Android games of the week.


Top 5 Android games of the week

Titan Empires is a fun strategy game where you have to lead your army to victory.

Study well and develop your strategies for your clever tactics are very powerful Titans and achieve win all battles. Join an empire of players that will help fortify your city. Your warriors will have to defend your allies to defeat the Empire of Shadows, so get your own kingdom.

Recruit your soldiers as your skills and join the war dominates the empire to work together, get protection and fortified cities. Compete every month in the Master Ranks and work your way to the top.

Find the strategist in you


Top 5 Android games of the week

Play football on your device Futsal Goal.

You can play matches in the sport, develop your tactics and get your team scoring the greatest number of goals. When you start the application you can choose from three options: Quick Play, World Cup or League. In each of them you will want to choose which teams they face.

The controls of this great Android game are simple to use and have the option to view the statistics of each of the teams. Discover the excitement of the sport facing selections from various countries.


Top 5 Android games of the week

Become an expert BMX game Touchgrind BMX.

Travel the world with your bike and perform breathtaking stunts. You’ll have to learn all the tricks in order to complete all the challenges and get unlock all locations including gambling and bikes.

Touch controls and physics simulation let you can do Flips, bar spins or tail whips on your Android device. Develop your ability to get perform “even harder” on your BMX.

Watch replays to learn from your mistakes.

Top 5 Android apps this week

New ranking with the best Android apps of the week where you will find the best selection of applications of the news section of Google Play Store: Horizon, Speaker Studio, Canal + Futbol App, Volvo Ocean Race and free cooking recipes.


Top 5 Android apps this week

We begin our list of the best Android apps with app Horizon. With it you can record videos in horizontal, no matter how you’re holding the device to do so.

You can take your phone from the sides, top and even rotate it while you’re capturing. Anyway, the video always remains horizontal. Record the rear or front camera, the result will not change.

The application levels while recording your videos using the gyroscope in your device. The orientation is fixed and so is always parallel to the ground. Also, you have three options for recording quality, so you can manage memory you have available: High, Medium and Low.

And not only that, you have three ways to level your creation: Flex, the framework is set to the maximum view, Rotate in the frame remains fixed and Locked in the self-leveling is disabled.

To start or stop recording you only have to press the camera button on the device. The videos are stored in the DCIM folder. You can record up to 15 seconds Parts with Horizon watermark. If you want it to disappear, as well as purchase additional features, you must do so through purchases within the app.


Top 5 Android apps this week

Want to create your own podcast for voice and music? Try downloading the Android app Spreaker Studio.

Use your dsipositivo as a recording studio and make mix, mixed voice and add music or sound effects. You can create your own show and why not? be the next star of the radio. Even stream your music to a concert. Choose from recording your program or broadcast it live with the app featuring all of the options.

Controls volume and mix channels independently and do not stop until you get your perfect result. Once you’ve gotten, share via Facebook or Twitter and known time the views of all those who hear it through the chat function included.

Create your own radio with one of the five best Android apps of the week.


Top 5 Android apps this week

With Canal + Futbol App football fans will be aware of everything that happens in your favorite sport.

If you are a subscriber Canal + have free access from your device to videos of the goals, the best plays, interviews, and details of every play from different angles, through the multi-camera system Party Plus. And you can live again and again your favorite moments of the match saw the videos that are available on the Highlights option.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can check the classification of the Liga and access statistics (possession, dispoaro, assists, stops, fouls, cards, offsides or corners) of each of the matches of the season.

Stay informed of everything that is happening in the league.


Top 5 Android apps this week

To experience all the excitement of the Volvo Ocean Race team, try to download the app Volvo Ocean Race.

This race crossing several oceans lasts nine months, making it the world’s longest sporting event. With the app you can see In-Port races, see where the ships are as they browse, meet each of the sailors through the profiles included, know the route and the ports that play participants in this adventure.

The current edition of this race comenzon on 4 October in Alicante and end in Gothenburg on June 27. 7 teams participating, with a total of 66 regtistas, which will travel to 11 ports through out the world. Learn all the obstacles they have to overcome to achieve victory in this grueling race.


Top 5 Android apps this week

If your culinary repertoire is not extensive and are a little tired of eating the same menu week after week, check out the app free cooking recipes for inspiration.

Users share their recipes and collects the most successful cooking between the pages of the network. See different dishes that you can enjoy every day.

The search is simple. You just have to click on the icon you want to cook food: meat, fish, poultry, desserts, … or the type of cooking you are interested in: asian, homemade, microwave, vegetarian and more. Once you’ve chosen, you just have to click on it and see a picture, the list of ingredients and steps needed to prepare it. In some there is also an explanatory video available.

Put on your apron and eats well. Or surprise your friends with a surprise dish.