MOStlyCE v3.1.0.1 Released

I just finished putting the final touches on the next release of MOStlyCE, version  The biggest change for this release was an upgrade of the TinyMCE core from 3.0.7 to the latest version available  This brings in lots of bug fixes and better support for Opera 9.50 and the Firefox 3.  Their full changelog can be found here.

I also did some general reworking of the compression feature.  It has not been functioning properly in recent versions of Opera and/or with the new FireFox 3 release.  It would appear I’ve got it working again for both Opera and Firefox.  Editor compression is important because it reduces the overall size of the editor by up to 75% and reduces the number of HTTP requests required to load the editor.  As always you can find the latest version on the projects SourceForge page.  Upgrade instructions can be found here.

This is a reminder that this release is for MiaCMS only.  The final release of MOStlyCE for Mambo was version 3.0.5 as noted in another recent post.


iMia – iPhone™ Interface


iMia is a web application focused on bringing a standard iPhone web interface to the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems. Yes, the iPhone does have a full web browser that is capable of displaying any site, so it is possible to use these content management systems without iMia. However, the experience is often less than appealing since users must constantly zoom in, zoom out, pinch to expand and contract, etc. As with most web sites and/or applications, these content management systems were coded with the desktop browser in mind. This is were iMia comes in…

iMia brings a simple web interface to the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems for iPhone users. The application is designed in accordance with the recommended iPhone interface design guidelines laid out by Apple. iMia makes use of the iui project’s fabulous efforts in this area.

Learn more on the product page here –