Land Based Casinos

If you are familiar with the world of online casinos and online gaming, you might have heard the term “land-based casino”. This simply refers to casinos which are physically placed in the world with coordinates that can be reached geographically. This distinguishes the online casinos as a different platform from the traditional casinos. Casinos have been around for many years, living side by side with human culture and tradition.
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Protect Your Business and Staff from the Ravages of Fire

When you own a business, you have a lot on your plate. You need to worry about your facility, your staff, your customers, and your suppliers. It’s a balancing act just to get through each day. Your mind is on your product or services, trying to find a way to carve your niche in the world in order to ensure your success. Making your business thrive is a top priority. At the same time, you need to think about practical matters and how you can protect your investment. That means being prepared for any type of disaster, including fire.
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app development

Find an App Developer that Understands the Needs of Your Business

If you want your business to excel in the mobile app world, you need plenty of information to help you when you hire the right developer. While the process of identifying the right partner is never simple, it can surely be made smoother, and there are a number of key elements to consider when shopping around for developer. One of the first considerations should be qualification. It’s important to determine the level of qualification of the teams that you are evaluating, and how much experience they bring to the table. Qualification doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve built a similar app, but whether they have the technical skills, as well as the business experience to understand your product, its market, your potential client base, and your particular business needs. App development is not just about coding, but about understanding the business requirements, and how to put your product or service directly into the hands of your end-users. The right development team will have a proven record when it comes to building successful apps — offering up a great user experience, a good feel for visual design, and of course the competency to create quality apps for Android or Apple.
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What Business Strategies Can I Use To Optimize My Conversion Rates?

Now that 2016 is moving full speed ahead, many business owners are checking their books and thinking of strategies that can make this their most profitable year yet. If you’re interested in optimizing your company’s conversion rates, it’s important to know that there are numerous ways that you can realize the objective. Here are three of them:
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5 Ways In How the Cloud Affects Customer Relationships

One of the most important aspects to remember when dealing with clients is that customer service is supreme. This is true whether you’re a work-at-home freelancer or head of a multi-billion dollar corporation. How your company interacts with clients can be instrumental in generating future revenue. Thanks to the Cloud, may aspects of customer service can be addressed without actual interpersonal interaction.

Online Customer Information

Offering an online solution that allows customers to access their data has the possibility to be an attractive aspect to your organization. Instead of relying on phone calls or printed documents, something such as a web-based application can deliver information regardless of a person’s location. This is one of the reasons why many companies, such as banks, have developed mobile apps for data retrieval.

Real-Time Information

Thanks to the nature of the Internet, information can be gathered and displayed in real-time. This can be monumental for customers, especially if your company delivers timely services or products. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger, customers can see timelines in productivity and estimated deliveries. This is often seen in the food industries such as pizza restaurants.

Immediate Availability

Online shopping isn’t the only thing that can benefit from product availability. Businesses such as hotels often display vacancies in real-time through Cloud-based applications. This saves the customer a great deal of time and effort trying to secure a rental.

Building a Trusted Brand

Providing a Cloud-based platform to help your online clients can add to building brand reputation. The more interaction a customer has with your business, the better they feel about making the purchase. An app centered around customers gives them a sense of interaction as well as control.

Reducing Your Costs

In many ways, moving your practices to the Cloud can cut costs. If you share these savings with your customers, it can improve the way they view your business practices. You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your services in order to reduce costs when moving to the Cloud. It can simply make you more productive and efficient.

Offering the highest quality to your customers is part of maintaining a good relationship. Things such as using managed service providers for Cloud-based applications can go a long way to ensuring satisfaction. Treat your clients the same way you would like to be treated: with respect and access to superior services and information. The Cloud can be used as a tool to enhance efficiency in many areas, including customer service.

How Microsoft Tries to Boost the Numbers of its App Store

Microsoft is the undisputed leader when it comes to desktop operating systems. Currently over 50% of all the PCs of the world run Windows 7, with Windows XP still being used on many, not to mention the millions of computers running Windows 8 and Windows 10. But when it comes to mobile, things look rather different: Microsoft has to make do with the third place on the global mobile market, with Android and iOS leading detached. But the Redmond Giant plans to change this all with its upcoming update, Windows 10 for mobile, which will become available to users this quarter.

If we take a look at the numbers, we’ll see that – although it is the third most used mobile OS in the world – Microsoft’s Windows Phone has a sore need for apps. Both iOS and Android offer way over a million apps in their stores, and Amazon’s app store also has over 400,000 Android apps to offer. Compared to these, the offer of the Windows Store is a measly 300,000, far from being enough. While it’s more open than the Play Store, allowing online casino apps to be listed, it’s still behind on the numbers. So, with Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to make an extra effort to attract more developers to its side.

First of all, there is the new concept called the Universal App. This will allow developers to create multiple interfaces for their apps to be used on devices with different form factors and input capabilities. The Windows 10 that runs on your PC is basically the same as the one will run on your Windows-powered phone or tablet. Creating an app for one will basically create an app that will run on any other, with the only changes needed to be made is to the interface.

Another way for Windows to attract more apps to its own app marketplace is through making it easy for developers to port their apps to Windows. To that end Microsoft has developed a series of bridges – tools that will help the app developers deploy their apps on the Universal Windows Platform much easier. The iOS bridge is functional, Microsoft sources have revealed, and a Win32 bridge is also in the works. An Android bridge was also under development, allowing Windows Phone users to basically run Android apps on their handsets, but this is still not working as planned, so it has been delayed indefinitely.

Microsoft has revealed two new Windows-powered flagship phones to be released before the holiday shopping season starts, both powered by the mobile version of Windows 10. The phones look promising, and so does the operating system. Let’s see if the new Windows 10, along with the numerous ways to increase the Windows mobile app architecture, will be enough to breathe life into Microsoft’s struggling mobile business.

Are There Any Swing Copters Cheats Or Tricks?

If you aim to get a high score in Swing Copters, doing it yourself will take ages and still you won’t be able to score more than a 5. That does not meant that you cannot beat the score of your friend. You can use Swing Copters cheats for maintaining a high score.

Many people have admitted that they missed Flappy Bird when it was removed from the internet. But that does not mean that you will love Swing Copters. That is because the game is not as simple as you think it is. It features the most difficult gameplay, even difficult than Flappy bird.

Here are some cheats and tips that you can follow in order to get a good score in Swing Copters:

  • Tapping is the key

Tapping will get you through the game. As you tap, the direction of the copter will get changed. If you forget to tap or you miss to tap, then you will end up smashing your pilot. This will end your game. So just pay attention to where your pilot is headed. If the direction of the copter is right, just tap to send him to left. Don’t let the copter fly too far, otherwise you won’t be able to control him through tapping. Find the balance because rapid tapping may make him go crazy. Continue reading

Face recognition: Google, technology and the inevitability

Face recognition Google, technology and the inevitability

It was very striking announcement of Google about the potential use of facial recognition technology in Google Glass. First, because I have time using the same example of combining technologies dystopian dyes in some of my classes and lectures. And second, for the obvious timing referenced to in the announcement: taken from the recently updated policy Developer Glass.

Do not use the camera or microphone to cross-reference and present staff Immediately Identifying information anyone other than the user, treats including use cases Such as facial recognition and voice print. Applications do that this will not be approved at This Time.”

Which really means that “at this time”? Exactly what the ad itself implies, that in fact, Google is like crazy with the possibility that this technology mix, which is quite possibly already tested ad nauseum within the Googleplex to assess their level of trust is developed, but they simply do not want to be them which put on the market. Not wanting to be directly linked to a development that many see as the epitome of the loss of privacy, which has been talked about a long time, but simply as “triggers the same”.

Face recognition Google, technology and the inevitability

One way to avoid the objections that the United States Congress has shown on the device and that many people have, even before the device officially hits the market. Just as in origin a procedure for taking pictures that leave relatively safe component of privacy, but immediately was designed to take them another developed a simple nod. For many, the Google Glass will soon be invisible, part of normality. And of course, as soon as they develop the protocols used, the better. Avoid becoming a glasshole.

Google has important developments in the field of face recognition, applied since 2009 to a test of such a huge magnitude as Picasa. Developing Google Glass is made, as is customary in the company, as a open platform for developers, and in the same event at which this platform has a particular focus on is done the device can be easily rooted and you You can install what we goodly pleases, with a specific session on the topic at the Google I / O 2013 given by two engineers from Google, entitled ” Voiding your warranty: hacking Glass”, and with the clear message “Disclaimer: you ‘ll be stepping into uncharted territory and unsupported” Come on, come on … do not bother me! If anyone understands that message is just as remarkable that a jar of honey because amid a hive of developers, this is precisely Google.

Once you remove the lid of the pot, the development of technology is completely unstoppable and inevitable, and Google knows it. Yes, the United States Congress can say what they want, they can change laws may shock many … but unofficially, we have come this far. The technology can not be “un-invent”. Go considering its implications.

Microsoft and the future post-Ballmer

Microsoft and the future post-Ballmer

Slightly modified the famous slogan Microsoft 2010, ” Be what’s next ” to speculate a bit about the future of the company after the next start of the fired Steve Ballmer, the obvious responsibility of their fall in terms of influence and leadership, and the person able to lose one by one all the great technological revolutions a decade.

An article in MIT Tech Review, ” Why Microsoft’s Next CEO Should break up the company “, speaks of the need to divide a company turned into an incompetent bureaucratic monster to innovate, and speculates about a future with a series of mini-Bills separate and dedicated to the operating system, desktop applications, server applications, entertainment and activities on the network.

In 1998, one of the questions in the major field exam I faced ahead of obtaining my doctorate at UCLA was just that, a hypothetical scenario of splitting the company into parts. At the time, speculation had been the possible impact of the decision in United States v Microsoft antitrust, but many of the conclusions are applicable then now.

Personally, and from what I know of Microsoft, I do not think we’re talking about a company unable to innovate.

Certainly suffer a crisis of bureaucratic and sclerotic to be solved with the right leadership and cultural change, but I think a number of spin-offs are the way to solve this problem in a fantastically well capitalized company and does not require especially the economic resources that the process would be likely to generate.

My impression is that the main factor that has delayed Microsoft excesses are derived from a culture overly focused on closed and proprietary schemes. Microsoft mentality is focused on what is happening within the company, because there is a widespread belief that anything can be done with existing resources within it.

Microsoft and the future post-Ballmer

That vision closes the door to external sources of innovation: the company does not learn from its users, because these have generally been far behind a myriad of other actors such as resellers, partners, OEMs, integrators, etc. Customer proximity is essential in an era in which many of the innovations are precisely the study of patterns of use and how customers own and others accommodate innovation.

Stage, on the other hand, has changed completely. The most leading companies in terms of innovation does not get all of their own resources, they are dedicated to building platforms that allow and give support to the innovation of third parties, or through community development, or various types of structures that enable and encourage the integration of other creations. The opening also is a key to the development of quality products process, an essential element in the process of obtaining quick response to bugs and problems, and a guarantee of the right attitude.

What Microsoft should consider is how to compete in a scenario where open architectures have triumphed decisively over closed, and how to make that evidence impacts the development philosophies of the company. The simple challenge of considering open sourcing many products is a way to not only improve, but also to present a new attitude, a different picture: one of the keys in the Microsoft is the negative image due largely Steve Ballmer’s own generates many users.

Competing with products that have been developed in the context of an increasingly open stage requires just that: be much more open, to initiate a process of honest, constructive and can lead to positive dynamics both within the company and outside opening it. A process that requires not only the right leadership, but also the joint efforts of each and every one of the divisions of Microsoft. For such a process, it is more than possible that the company is better together than separate parts.

The evidence that led to Bill Gates in 2006 to determine the support of its founding research projects that were open source , must now come to the company he founded. Microsoft was one of the companies with their attitude and thanks to the principle of action and reaction, most favored the development of the open source mentality. Now, you must embrace a philosophy that simply has become a sign of the times.

How to raise a Microsoft-centric innovation and, above all, in the opening? This and no other is, for me, the main challenge will be to face the next CEO. And a challenge that decidedly not worth anyone.